Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Busy engraving week and Cambridge sales

Well I was up at 4.15am (or was it 4.30...all a blur now) to get ready and drive to the fair. Thankfully the route is generally quiet at that time and on a Sunday, I am not keen on traffic, especially with a car laden with crystal! The rain held off just long enough for us all to offload the cars but I think the customers had to deal with the rain and would have been relieved to step into the sparkly warm dreamy world of crystal and glass.
This picture shows the main antique glass hall just before the opening. There are also stands all around the walls behind me and to the sides. My stand is in the Contemporary hall which you see part of below, also just before the doors openned.

I am a bit far from the main food hall (which is probably a good thing because there is a fabulous array to choose from) but I do miss the live music at lunchtime unfortunately.

It was lovely to see so many friends and "regulars" there and I was delighted to have sold one of my pieces, "Woodland Honey" to a couple who already own a few of my other works. This little honey pot caused quite a stir, one lady came and told me she thought it was the lovliest item at the fair. I also received a commission for another one.

My crystal bowl "Serene Musing" was also a little star, litterally, as there were people photographing it! Anyway that sold to a gent who found the bamboo a reminder of where he had lived. It was a pleasure to engrave, exquisite gentle colours, very thin layers which I carved through. The beauty of something like this is that it is so unique, the bowl was hand blown by Ian McDonald .

So now it is time to catch up with orders which are piled neatly waiting for some action! Football awards, Golf club presentations and awards, a lovely Tudor crystal bowl for a wedding, got some barn owls and badgers to do that have been waiting for ages....also some interesting poetry on crystal bookends, family crests on champagne flutes...and a number of antique crystal tumblers to have a family crest...along with an old crystal doornob! (or is that doorknob??) ...well I had better stop waffling then.

Have been "gyming" at 6am too, helps me deal with it all.....

oh ....and have added a few small bits to the eBay shop

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