Saturday, 20 November 2010

New Zealand and glass engraving

There is just over a week left before I visit my 2 darling sons in New Zealand, their special people in their lives, old friends (I will try not to emphasise "old") and my new baby grandson! What a wonderful thing to look forward to, after almost 10 years I will finally see where my children live. 2 years since I last saw Shane my eldest, and 6 years since I last saw Gavin, my youngest. It has been a long heartbreaking time and now the day is coming fast. I have plenty of work to still get through and although I have officially been closed for the year I have still had the odd order here and there sneaking in, and I will probably still sneak in more as I get through in good time...providing they are pretty simple, no mega yachts at this time please :-)

I have been taking a few orders for next year and I will be on email to continue taking orders (and quoting as best I can from so far away).

There are some negotiations going on about the possibility of a casual evening get together with fellow glass people in Auckland, still finalising date (between 6th and 10th Dec). Please contact me if you are interested.

So back to a spot more engraving before I head off for this misty old Saturday!

Check out the eBay shop HERE 23/11/10(last transactions of eBay shop complete and now closed until 2011)

Many congratulations to Kate and William. God Bless them.

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