Monday, 7 February 2011

Engraved crystal bowl / Cambridge Glass Fair / the showroom grows again.

Once again it is time for the Cambridge Glass Fair, I cannot believe how fast this event comes around, but then I suppose I have been quite "busy" since the last one!! I have plans afoot, making this fair a little different to normal.

This is a large crystal bowl which I have had for some time and have been bringing out from it what has been hidden for so long. I wish to call it "Green Peace" and this will be available at the Cambridge Glass fair. Anyone wishing to purchase it or reserve it beforehand should contact me, but one way or another it will be there.
I have had a hectic weekend and Sunday was spent re organising my showroom...again! I was lucky to be able to purchase some display cabinets from a shop which had to close. There are too many shops closing and it makes me really sad. But these cabinets now are doing a fantastic job displaying beautiful crystal and glass. (The empty ones on the left I am talking about)

I also purchased a shop front cabinet from the same shop which now provides some more storage space and some of my Rock Tablet range inside the display case. It is all about the dusting! I aim to get all my glass behind glass one day !!!

Otherwise work / life is ok and I actually can't think of too much else to say about it, I have plenty of work and plenty of blank crystal staring at me waiting to be turned into something spectacular for my gallery, and of course for Cambridge Glass Fair. This is a day not to be missed, I know I am like a stuck record (for those of you who remember records) but it truely is!

For those who don't know, (as I am asked all the time), I also do very simple engraving, if you want one initial that is fine too! Here is a pretty little vase I did last week. This little vase with one name and this flower (will vary slightly) = £48.00

The Facebook engraving page seems to be a busy little place these days, it has certainly taken a load off my emails, budding engravers are making good use of the advice and are sharing their pictures more boldly now, I love it!!

Well that is it, I don't have much time, got to dash. I hope that New Years resolutions are still going strong.....hmmm, you can start again anytime you know :-)

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