Friday, 5 December 2008

5th December 2008 - Harrods 6th!

Well I wasn't going to mention am going to be engraving perfumes etc in Harrods Perfume department, London, for customers tomorrow, Sat 6 Dec. This is a first and quite a challenge, but should also be quite entertaining, a very surreal experience. The cost per item will be £25 for a name and/or very short message , depending on space available on the item the customer wants engraved, also a short name or initials £15. All engraving done will be completely freehand while you wait...or walk around the shop.
Whatever next!!!??? ;-)
I should be starting around 11am (engineering works on the track as per usual) and packing up around 5pm.
Come on George Clooney.... just pop in....

latest news.....we have just agreed that another option we will offer is to engrave your OWN handwritten message on the item. I will give the customer the a suitable pen and they can write / sign the bottle afterwhich I will hand engrave their message/signature forever into the perfume bottle. How about that!!!?

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