Friday, 23 October 2009

glass engraving/awards/ of Kings!!

It has been a while and I have been so busy! If anyone has peeped at my website lately I have had the fact that I am fully booked for anything other than simple lettering up there in red letters for a some time. (this doesn't always work ;-) I am just making sure I don't take on more than I can handle, it is always very important that I don't feel panicked! So I am "calmly" getting through quite a lot. I will take down my little "sign" shortly as I catch up.

We did sneak a golfing weekend away at Sprowston Manor in Norfolk! We even had the red carpet for our entrance....and masses of security guards...well nice thought, but it was for the king of Malaysia who was out on the golf course and who then later came in and had a splendid tea with his entourage just in front of us whilst we were having our sundowners, then he got whisked away in a helicopter. What a life! Seems a nice chap anyway ;-)

It is the season not so much of gifts...but of awards, presentations, trophies! DIY decorating, windows etc. I have had some interesting enquiries as usual and technology is always so helpful, a phonecall from USA and during the call the client takes pictures of his dining table (for which he wants a very large glass vessel) and emails them immediately to me to discuss.

I have had a lot of URGENT jobs recently, and I have decided that "Urgent" should be my middle name, so don't apologise, it is the nature of the business and if I can do it I will, if I can't I will say "no" or give another option, like the waiting list! Often I manage to get through more than I thought I would.

NOTE: I have a Parcel Force acount so the postal strikes are not affecting me.

I attended the AGM and Conference of the Guild of Glass Engravers last weekend, as usual this was a great day, most informative and inspiring. I was also able to get my hands on some MORE beautiful crystal blanks from the glass blowers selling their work there, I must have about 10 now, all different and waiting to be brought to life. I also have a magnificent Adam Aaronson bowl which I have some great ideas for....wonder if I can buy time from somwhere?The Guild's bi annual national exhibition is next year in Cambridge, so I will be hopefully exhibiting.

Well my heater is on, last night I made our first yummy stew with all the freshest ingredients , accompanied with a glass of good Chilean red....mmm winter? bring it on!

Meat and veg! simple, and so good for you!! Feeds your body and soul!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cambridge Glass fair

Firstly ...I will be CLOSED Friday 2nd and Sat 3rd October.....
My stand at the fair

I didn't mention in my previous post about the fair, it came and went so fast! It was a lovely day, beautiful weather, beautiful people, always such a pleasure to be there. As Monday came I had to hit the ground running again as I had to dust, clean, wipe, put everything back in place and then had several very urgent jobs to complete and despatch and of course my polisher came....that took my attention and it has been difficult to concentrate on what I have to do first before I can play! Work is like Picadilli in the rush hour at the moment!
In this photo I am showing my Bowl of Sea V to well known glass blower Adam Aaronson.

"Faith is taking the 1st step even when you don't see the whole staircase" Martin Luther King