Saturday, 18 December 2010

New Zealand holiday is fantastic! Please feel free to email me for January orders and enquiries.

Hi all, just zooming in for a quick update. We are having a fantastic time here in Auckland, spending quality time with family and friends, experiencing all sorts of exciting things and places. I feel very privileged!
This blog set up is not letting me edit and move my photos properly, goodness knows the pictures are jumbled up a bit I am afraid and I can't change that.

(click on photos for bigger pictures)

Going up in a gondola in Queenstown, with my youngest son Gavin and Brian.

oh how funny that was Gavin and I having completed the Luge, what a giggle!

Learning all about vinyards and grape growing by a dear old friend Duncan Cramp near Queenstown. He manages this vinyard with his wife Janie, we had such a good laugh with them! Just like old times in Zimbabwe!

It is a very dry area but is perfect for the grapes. The views are spectacular.

His vinyard is Mud House.

Myself and Brian. ;-)

Myself and my little grandson Mason with his new knitted scarecrow by his great Aunt Kathleen, he is absolutely adorable, so is the scarecrow!

Brian and I on the chair lift to the Luge in Queenstown .

We are playing lots of golf with my sons Shane and Gavin. I am in my element!!

My little grandson and I meeting for the first time. (as I said, the photos are out of order)

My sons Shane and Gavin and my grandson Mason. :-D

Shane is the very proud dad

Brian and Shane catching loads of fish in Mangawhai

Gavin and I at Rotorua to see the geysers

Giving a slideshow, talk and short demonstration of hand engraving glass to some of the members of New Zealand Society of Glass Artists in Auckland

Very exciting to meet such lovely people and learn about the glass industry in NZ too, I had great fun. Many thanks to all involved!!!

So our holiday continues with big plans for a family Christmas. Tomorrow we are going to experience the centre of Auckland and stay in a hotel for something different, 6 of us, I am really looking forward to that. Otherwise our plans now mainly consist of golf and Shopping for Christmas, I am not even thinking about the long trip home to the freezer!!

Please take care everyone who is experiencing the big freeze, it really appears to be very icy weather there.

Happy holidays !

Saturday, 20 November 2010

New Zealand and glass engraving

There is just over a week left before I visit my 2 darling sons in New Zealand, their special people in their lives, old friends (I will try not to emphasise "old") and my new baby grandson! What a wonderful thing to look forward to, after almost 10 years I will finally see where my children live. 2 years since I last saw Shane my eldest, and 6 years since I last saw Gavin, my youngest. It has been a long heartbreaking time and now the day is coming fast. I have plenty of work to still get through and although I have officially been closed for the year I have still had the odd order here and there sneaking in, and I will probably still sneak in more as I get through in good time...providing they are pretty simple, no mega yachts at this time please :-)

I have been taking a few orders for next year and I will be on email to continue taking orders (and quoting as best I can from so far away).

There are some negotiations going on about the possibility of a casual evening get together with fellow glass people in Auckland, still finalising date (between 6th and 10th Dec). Please contact me if you are interested.

So back to a spot more engraving before I head off for this misty old Saturday!

Check out the eBay shop HERE 23/11/10(last transactions of eBay shop complete and now closed until 2011)

Many congratulations to Kate and William. God Bless them.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

RCR Pyramid perfume bottles

This is a request to glass engravers / suppliers out there:

If any of you have any RCR pyramid perfume bottles in stock and can sell me a few, please contact me.


15 November, there are some FAB people out there, thanks guys, you know who you are, I have the full quota needed for this order :-) THANK YOU XXXX

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Business holiday shut down - and big news...

Firstly please note that the business will be closed from 27th November to 31st December 2010. I will be answering emails and taking orders for 2011 during this time though there may be a short delay before answering.

Time has been fleeting, so much to do!
The Limited Company is all very well, but of course meant new bank accounts, which meant sorting out card machine, direct debits, etc etc..and the "powers that be" decided I should be number 15b instead of 2-4, so all those stationery changes etc.....every things seems to take so long! But it will be worth it in the end.
"Hiya Grandma"
Of course my big news was (if you haven't seen it on the Facebook engraving page) that I became a "Grandma" on the 27th October, I have a little Kiwi grandson called Mason Shane John, he is the cutest (of course!). We have met on Skype which was amazing, and I said "nite nite" on his first night at home.... and now the count down has begun for the big trip, to see my sons, my grandson and all the new family and some old friends. What a special time.

We have never flown so far, so if anyone has any tips I would be most grateful :-) I don't even know what aeroplanes offer these days. I am sure it will be quite an adventure.

It is very sad that after many years, RCR crystal perfume bottles are no longer available. They have been such a hit, excellent quality at a reasonable price. I have engraved so many of them with all subjects, floral, wildlife, abstract, lettering and even nudes. I have just a couple left now, I will miss them.

It is a flood of both Christmas gifts and awards and presentations at the moment. Lots of variety from houses to horses, cows and piglets, to logos badges and loads of lettering, from a little gift to prestigious annual awards at a London hospital.

eBay sales are very quiet and I keep selling items off the shelf in my gallery before they have a bid. I will relist and add a last small batch of items in a couple of days and that will be it until 2011. Remember that the prices in my eBay shop are very much reduced as it is more of an advertising campaign for me.

Oh I added Uber Twitter to my Blackberry, felt very cool. Follow me HERE

This year has been very interesting in that I have engraved for 3 royal families (not in the UK though) very exciting and very flattering to know my work is in 3 palaces!

Orders are already coming in for 2011, I shall have to get my feet back on the ground rapidly on my return to the "fridge" after a month in New Zealand summer! This grandma will hit the ground running as they say, one is possibly 2 church door panels.

I am still managing to get to the gym 2-3 times a week, 6am, although it is now very dark and ccccold, still dark when I come out of the gym!! Vital to keep it up as the need to EAT is strong when it is cold. It is very difficult to munch a piece of lettuce when your fingers are numb.

I can't think of what else to tell whoever is reading this, just thanks for stopping by!

"everything I need to know today is brought to me in delightful ways" Louise Hay

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chile miners rescue / general glass engraving news

Not since a purple banner flashed across the TV screen saying that Lady Di had been involved in a car accident, have I been so emotionally involved and completely engrossed in a news item. Ever since these miners were trapped I have followed the story and yesterday was just the most amazing climax and what a stunning positive happy ending. I think the world learnt a whole lot from Chile and how they conducted the whole rescue from start to finish. The support that was given and I am sure will continue to be given is fantastic.
Chi Chi Chi le le le !!
So back down to work. Commissions on the go range from English wildlife, family crests (one on a very old crystal doornob!), farm animals (cows/horses and piglets) to go on a large bowl, gorgeous Highland Terrior on a crystal block and several simple lettering engravings for one of my oldest customers (whilst I have been in this country) who I have engraved so many things for I have lost count! I feel at home here when she walks in, like I have been here for many years although it has only been 9. I love my "pioneer" customers, who in the beginning commissioned me going on not much more than a couple of photos and my word that I have had years of experience in Africa. There are some very precious people out there.

Recent commission: A presentation bowl to an outgoing Lady Captain of a golf club.

This Saturday is the Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Guild of Glass Engravers in London and for anyone who has an interest in engraved glass, I would encourage to join so that you too can benefit from such events. We will have 2 excellent speakers during the day and are able to purchase crystal and glass blanks from local glass blowers for engraving. A very unique event.

I have a passion for cullets and here is a selection I have staring at me waiting for some inspired engraving.....why does mining come into mind?.......or something hidden in the earth for centuries perhaps.....

To finish...I just need to say, keep positive always and have faith!
Have nothing to do with people who are not nice and keep with people who are.

ps:......pop into my eBay shop

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Busy engraving week and Cambridge sales

Well I was up at 4.15am (or was it 4.30...all a blur now) to get ready and drive to the fair. Thankfully the route is generally quiet at that time and on a Sunday, I am not keen on traffic, especially with a car laden with crystal! The rain held off just long enough for us all to offload the cars but I think the customers had to deal with the rain and would have been relieved to step into the sparkly warm dreamy world of crystal and glass.
This picture shows the main antique glass hall just before the opening. There are also stands all around the walls behind me and to the sides. My stand is in the Contemporary hall which you see part of below, also just before the doors openned.

I am a bit far from the main food hall (which is probably a good thing because there is a fabulous array to choose from) but I do miss the live music at lunchtime unfortunately.

It was lovely to see so many friends and "regulars" there and I was delighted to have sold one of my pieces, "Woodland Honey" to a couple who already own a few of my other works. This little honey pot caused quite a stir, one lady came and told me she thought it was the lovliest item at the fair. I also received a commission for another one.

My crystal bowl "Serene Musing" was also a little star, litterally, as there were people photographing it! Anyway that sold to a gent who found the bamboo a reminder of where he had lived. It was a pleasure to engrave, exquisite gentle colours, very thin layers which I carved through. The beauty of something like this is that it is so unique, the bowl was hand blown by Ian McDonald .

So now it is time to catch up with orders which are piled neatly waiting for some action! Football awards, Golf club presentations and awards, a lovely Tudor crystal bowl for a wedding, got some barn owls and badgers to do that have been waiting for ages....also some interesting poetry on crystal bookends, family crests on champagne flutes...and a number of antique crystal tumblers to have a family crest...along with an old crystal doornob! (or is that doorknob??) ...well I had better stop waffling then.

Have been "gyming" at 6am too, helps me deal with it all.....

oh ....and have added a few small bits to the eBay shop

‎"My understanding of life continues to grow. I walk upon this planet safe and secure, always moving forward toward my greater good." - Louise L. Hay

Friday, 24 September 2010

Engraved Glass at Cambridge Glass Fair!

Only a couple of days left now and I am very busy with finishing touches for Cambridge on Sunday. I thought I would give you a quick glance at some of the new and new-ish pieces I will have on my stand for sale. I will also have smaller pieces and some oldies that have not yet found a home. Prices will be from around £35 - £550.
I take all major cards for payment.
See you there.

a one-hundred foot bamboo can progress even one more step.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Serenity - engraved cased green glass bowl

This is how far it is at the end of today, Saturday, will do more tomorrow, still lots of touching up and shading and highlighting to do. This will be available for the first time at Cambridge Glass Fair next weekend. (added 24 September : this piece is no longer available) It is a cased green/ clear/ turquoise very large glass bowl (blown by London glassblower Adam Aaronson) which I am hand engraving.....nite all....

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Glass engraving and cambridge glass fair!

Well I have just been playing golf (I don't normally on a Thursday for obvious reasons, but it was our Lady Captian's 50th birthday golf bash and what a lovely day we had! Happy Birthday Cathy !!

Just a reminder that it is the Cambridge Glass Fair 26th Sept and I will be in my usual place C5 - Contemporary hall.
(aah I see it is now hailing outside, big thunderstorm so I had better make this quick )

Here is a nice action photie for you:
This piece is entitled "Serenity" and features bamboos on a large green cased bowl which I am hoping to complete for Cambridge Glass Fair.

I had better get this computer turned off....
chat soon. ♥
stay positive always

"Today is my lesson in self-worth. I see my worthiness in everything I do." - Louise L. Hay

Friday, 3 September 2010

crystal cullet

Hi there, just a quick one, ....I am looking for one, or a couple of, crystal cullets. Probably about 7" wide. Please contact me 01986 874634 or my email if you have or know where I can get one. They can be very raw edged, I will polish them.
Lots to do.........thanks everyone.....keep positive always :-)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

glass engraving, exhibitions including Cambridge Glass Fair, golf......the usual...oh and registering my business as a Limited company, and grannyhood

Hi there world :-) It always feel like a Clint Eastwood "I talk to the trees" moment or Shirley Valentive talking to her kitchen wall.....but still it is a good feeling, like a diary I suppose, but not to get too carried away....hmmm, so I thank you if you have taken the time to stop in and read my blog.

All sorts has been happening and I have been putting most of it in small chunks on the Facebook engraving page which is going very well and has proved to be a very effective engraving help for those who want it well as a mini blog it turns out, I notice a huge change in the number of people writing to me directly to ask for help in their work. They soon see that SO many questions are already answered there. (Details on the side panel)

"Flame of Love" which says "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" it is a hand blown crystal disc with a splash of firey colour within the centre. The Flame Lily is hand engraved back and front and the lettering is sandblasted in a very casual style, rather like a lover's doodle, also on the back and front. This piece will be available first at the Cambridge Glass Fair. Should you wish to purchase it prior to the fair let me know, but it will be on display as sold and released to you after the that leads me on to that...

The Cambridge Glass Fair will next be on Sunday 26th September......(I had better get on with my other pieces right quick!!) Chilford Hall Linton near Cambridge.

Well I should have put this first really as it is very important, although makes no difference to anything much really.....I have registered my business as a Limited company, Lesley Pyke Limited. This means.....well changes with the accounts and such, but I am the glass engraver and my esteemed accountant will have that headache. I just have to be nice to me or I won't get time off to play golf!!

......oh yes, nice lead...well I have been making more of an effort, like about once a week , and I successfully defended my title as "Runner up to Champion" just can't quite get those last few shots off, but I have managed that before in this country (in the last 8 and a half years) Champion twice and runner up 4 times. This year however for the first time I was the Handicap Winner (Net winner), I am very proud of that! There.... I have blown my trumpet....

So the next thing to tell you about is so so lovely, I am going to be a granny, beginning of November!! I am so excited, the only thing is they are in New Zealand, sigh, life is very tricky, but thanks to modern technology our communications are fantastic. I already have a granny brag album with 2 scans!!! It is my eldest son Shane and Sian who are having a baby, a little boy. I am surprised that with these fancy machines you can't yet have a conversation with the baby, maybe skype through a tube???...ok I had better get serious again...both my sons are doing well in New Zealand and I am immensly proud of them, and I am very excited about a pending trip over which I can barely speak about as it is just so wonderful , to see my boys, Shane (and his lovely girlfriend) who I last saw 2 years ago and my baby, Gavin, who I have not seen for 6 years!!!! Also to meet my new grandchild. sweeet!

Now for some local news... our village church St Peter's in Spexhall, is right at this moment putting on a lovely art exhibition, last day is tomorrow, bank holiday Monday. It looks wonderful, so many pieces of artwork, paintings, sketches, sculpture, sitting on all the pews and on the windowsills and any available shelf. Today there was a BBQ (although it did rain unfortunately) and some lovely old singing from a Ukulele band, very very entertaining. I have one of the windows with a small selection of engraved glass and crystal and also some of my drawings and paintings shown here. So if you are near Spexhall (Halesworth), Suffolk tomorrow, do pop in. After that I will be hanging my work on the walls of my gallery/showroom for the way, this artwork is what I do occasionally on a Sunday when football is on and when I am not working on my laptop!

This weekend marks the start of the International festival of glass and one of the events is the opening exhibition of the new Stourbridge Gallery, I have one piece in the exhibition "Tree of Life" details of which you can see on the For Sale page of my website or on the main Stourbridge Gallery website below.

Well I think that is just about it for the moment, I have a lot on the books for this week including a beautiful old building to go onto a large Tudor Crystal Goblet, loads of details on the building and there will be lettering all around the base.

So here's to a good week ahead, I hope that help comes soon to all those desperate in the Pakistan and China floods, and also those poor miners stuck so far under the ground, oh dear, my heart goes out to them and their families...hang in there guys!!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Busy engraving bee!!

I find that golf and business go hand in hand so I decided to advertise on the new Tee box signs we have put up at Halesworth Golf Club , where I am a member and also the practice range there. I do not do a lot of advertising these days, but this one is different for me and rather fun.

Well I have not had a day off for some time now, have had 2 large and tricky orders do deal with all at once with some small ones thrown inbetween to keep me on my toes. A close call, but all is done and I am back on track. Here I am hand engraving a Rock Tablet.
This is a Dartington candle holder I recently engraved. A child held by one ladies hand (left) and a man's hand (right).

My dear customer sent this gorgeous thank you card. The tears flowed! I love my job!

LOVE IT LIVE IT.....keep positive always x