Monday, 22 June 2009

catching up engraving ...and golf

( Teeing off the 11th (short hole) with my Callaway 9 wood. )

Last Friday was the annual Air Ambulance Charity Golf Day at Halesworth Golf Club, we had a fantastic day, it is always so well run and for such an essential cause.....the government simply does not fund Air Ambulance, so they rely on charity!! Can you imagine that!!!! I am trying to play more this year, lately I have not had time at all, but it is something one has to MAKE time for, like my gym, it is very important to keep up with activities like this, it stimulates the mind body and soul, and ultimately makes one work better. I absolutely love my golf! The photo was taken by a profesional who was there all day, will add his name if I get it.

(One of my donated prizes)

The last 2 weeks have been so hectic and I am finally catching up with new enquiries still coming in every day. I often get people wanting chips in their old glasses ground down too, I don't do this I am afraid, I do not have the equipment (or the time either).

It was Fathers day yesterday, I had my beautiful Daddy in my mind all day, the most beautiful Daddy angel in Heaven. I do love and miss him so much.

This week has a line up of mainly sandblasting so far, but that is fine, every order is so different, I never go unchallenged, the artwork can be very tricky and I use both Corel Draw Essentials and Serif Draw Plus X3 for that.

I do get loads of emails with endless questions about engraving and sandblasting, I can't always answer I am afraid, there are just not enough hours in a day and remember I do not employ anyone and am not planning to. I have to focus on my customers and their commissions first and foremost, then on my own pieces. I will always try and add as much info as I can on my website to help engravers, but that also has had to "take a back seat" for a while. One day...I will compile a Q&A from the many emails...but not just yet.

I have to pop to town just now to post my youngest son's birthday present, he will be 22. It has been 4 and a half years since I last saw him. New Zealand is a long way away. I always struggle with this, nothing I put in the box seems adequate. I sit and look at it and feel deeply disturbed as it is so unnatural, I almost want to hug and kiss the box, I should be able to just give it to him with a real hug and a kiss.

I had always been too soft and things would have been so different had I been who I am now, instead of being mentally beaten to a pulp, and being convinced to let my children go. BUT, every day I grow stronger still, And whether or not it is clear to me,
"no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

I am thinking now about the next Cambridge Glass Fair which is on the 27th September, Chilford Hall, Linton. I am planning some interesting engraving...hmmm...

Monday, 8 June 2009

Back from holiday - back engraving!!!

A quick note to say HI I am back...had a fantastic holiday, loads of sun, fun, golf, wine, food, sea, just perfect! We were in Saint Raphael, Cote d'Azur (South coast of France) for 2 weeks. My ultimate aim is to live and work in France, my heart has felt this since I was very young. Basically with the internet it would not make too much difference to my work which already comes from anywhere in the world. Never give up on your dreams....lots of hard work and saving to do!

For those waiting for quotes, and email answers, I am getting through them as quickly as I can.

ps....I also went to the gym on average every second day during the holiday..... ;-) pays to keep the fitness level up and the weight down!!!