Saturday, 24 September 2011

Available at my stand at Cambridge Glass Fair tomorrow, I purchased them in France and have hand engraved them, the bottom two are engraved front and back.
(quick google translation of the note that came with them.....I cannot personally vouch for any of it but they are pretty!)
Rock Crystal
Composition: Silicon Dioxide
Color: from transparent to whiteHardness: 6-7
Location: Madagascar, Europe, Brazil
Therapeutic properties: Pierre of light, it helps a
find balance of body, and I'etre
makes perceptive and intuitive person who wears .Il
prevents weight gain is a bridge between the material
and the spiritual, it helps a self-knowledge.
Associated signs: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus,
Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Website: http://www. vertusdespierres. com
Cristal de Roche

Composition: Dioxide de Silicium
Couleur: De transparent a blanc Durete: 6-7
Localisation: Madagascar,Europe,Bresil
Vertus therapeutiques: Pierre de la lumiere ,il aide a
retrouver l'equilibre du corps ,de I'etre et de
rend clairvoyant et intuitif la personne qui le porte.Il
empeche le gain de poids,c'est un pont entre le materiel
et le spirituel,il aide a la connaissance de soi.
Signes associes: Verseau,Capricorne,Poissons,Taureau,

 Site internet: http://www. vertusdespierres. com

Friday, 23 September 2011

Gosh! Work load has meant I have been quiet for ages and I come back to a whole new look Blogger setup!!!

I have been watching the news regarding the dismal state of the economy just about everywhere and yet thankfully I remain as busy as ever, and at the moment frantically so as I also have the Cambridge Glass Fair this coming Sunday, the 25th September, after which I hope to calm down to a blur (a "bur blur" as one of the members of the Glass Engraving Club pointed out!!). I have been creating some rather different work, it is Me doing what I feel like doing and really really enjoying the short time I allocate myself in which to do it. I have no doubt it is not everyone's cup of tea, it is quite contemporary, but neither are my pretty flowers or meandering fish with a more realistic look what everyone fancies.  This piece is "Ice Mother" lead crystal, sandblasted and hand engraved.

I have also been doing a bit of perfume engraving again with a few more lined up before Christmas,(details to follow). The picture shows me engraving for Acqua di Parma Harrods a couple of weeks ago.

Then whilst I scrub up  ok for a grandma (so I'm told) but this job is certainly not generally glamorous! Below I am engraving and polishing the "Tree of Life 2",  wet glass dust / wet pumice and cerium oxide "juice" ......

Engraving the "Tree of Life 2" crystal overlay disc.It has two views, not a front or back. It changes dramatically with lighting.

Thoroughly enjoying my exploration of the more creative glass work I watched this piece ("Thought Process") grow with no plans at all, I decided sometimes a work of art creates itself.  And here are a couple more pieces for Cambridge Glass Fair on Sunday.

Then  there have been a few interesting commissions, too many to mention them all and some have not been presented yet,  I was asked to find and engrave an old lift!  Well here's what I did.......

Next blog will have a couple more bizarre images, pretty technical and not your every day commission, but fascinating.

Here was another challenging request, Dartington Champagne flutes with willow trees on the back and draping round the front with a couple of birds. I intended the bubbles of the champers to compliment the dangling leaves of the willow.

Anniversary celebrations for a lovely couple who have a turkey farm nearby. Then again there was the annual Rumburgh Flower and Produce show for which I donated this main trophy and a miniature to match. The base was made by a local chap and that will have some small plaques added with each winners name.
 And there have been a run of weddings of course.....very romantic!

So lastly please don't forget if you are a fan of glass, old and new, do visit the Cambridge Glass Fair this weekend!!!! It is a marvelous collectors fair and you will not be disappointed. You will find me on stand C5 in the Contemporary Hall, as you come in, to the left

PS: Next Saturday I will be demonstrating glass engraving in the Halesworth Bookshop celebrating my feature in the Book of Forgotten Crafts, which will be on sale there. A wonderful Christmas present!

Remember: Every thought we think is creating our future. Louise L. Hay