Saturday, 20 November 2010

New Zealand and glass engraving

There is just over a week left before I visit my 2 darling sons in New Zealand, their special people in their lives, old friends (I will try not to emphasise "old") and my new baby grandson! What a wonderful thing to look forward to, after almost 10 years I will finally see where my children live. 2 years since I last saw Shane my eldest, and 6 years since I last saw Gavin, my youngest. It has been a long heartbreaking time and now the day is coming fast. I have plenty of work to still get through and although I have officially been closed for the year I have still had the odd order here and there sneaking in, and I will probably still sneak in more as I get through in good time...providing they are pretty simple, no mega yachts at this time please :-)

I have been taking a few orders for next year and I will be on email to continue taking orders (and quoting as best I can from so far away).

There are some negotiations going on about the possibility of a casual evening get together with fellow glass people in Auckland, still finalising date (between 6th and 10th Dec). Please contact me if you are interested.

So back to a spot more engraving before I head off for this misty old Saturday!

Check out the eBay shop HERE 23/11/10(last transactions of eBay shop complete and now closed until 2011)

Many congratulations to Kate and William. God Bless them.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

RCR Pyramid perfume bottles

This is a request to glass engravers / suppliers out there:

If any of you have any RCR pyramid perfume bottles in stock and can sell me a few, please contact me.


15 November, there are some FAB people out there, thanks guys, you know who you are, I have the full quota needed for this order :-) THANK YOU XXXX

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Business holiday shut down - and big news...

Firstly please note that the business will be closed from 27th November to 31st December 2010. I will be answering emails and taking orders for 2011 during this time though there may be a short delay before answering.

Time has been fleeting, so much to do!
The Limited Company is all very well, but of course meant new bank accounts, which meant sorting out card machine, direct debits, etc etc..and the "powers that be" decided I should be number 15b instead of 2-4, so all those stationery changes etc.....every things seems to take so long! But it will be worth it in the end.
"Hiya Grandma"
Of course my big news was (if you haven't seen it on the Facebook engraving page) that I became a "Grandma" on the 27th October, I have a little Kiwi grandson called Mason Shane John, he is the cutest (of course!). We have met on Skype which was amazing, and I said "nite nite" on his first night at home.... and now the count down has begun for the big trip, to see my sons, my grandson and all the new family and some old friends. What a special time.

We have never flown so far, so if anyone has any tips I would be most grateful :-) I don't even know what aeroplanes offer these days. I am sure it will be quite an adventure.

It is very sad that after many years, RCR crystal perfume bottles are no longer available. They have been such a hit, excellent quality at a reasonable price. I have engraved so many of them with all subjects, floral, wildlife, abstract, lettering and even nudes. I have just a couple left now, I will miss them.

It is a flood of both Christmas gifts and awards and presentations at the moment. Lots of variety from houses to horses, cows and piglets, to logos badges and loads of lettering, from a little gift to prestigious annual awards at a London hospital.

eBay sales are very quiet and I keep selling items off the shelf in my gallery before they have a bid. I will relist and add a last small batch of items in a couple of days and that will be it until 2011. Remember that the prices in my eBay shop are very much reduced as it is more of an advertising campaign for me.

Oh I added Uber Twitter to my Blackberry, felt very cool. Follow me HERE

This year has been very interesting in that I have engraved for 3 royal families (not in the UK though) very exciting and very flattering to know my work is in 3 palaces!

Orders are already coming in for 2011, I shall have to get my feet back on the ground rapidly on my return to the "fridge" after a month in New Zealand summer! This grandma will hit the ground running as they say, one is possibly 2 church door panels.

I am still managing to get to the gym 2-3 times a week, 6am, although it is now very dark and ccccold, still dark when I come out of the gym!! Vital to keep it up as the need to EAT is strong when it is cold. It is very difficult to munch a piece of lettuce when your fingers are numb.

I can't think of what else to tell whoever is reading this, just thanks for stopping by!

"everything I need to know today is brought to me in delightful ways" Louise Hay