Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A memorial garden for a beloved cat.

Please note I will be CLOSED Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th whilst I am in London for the openning of the ZEST "Deep Surface" exhibition.
I will be contactable on my mobile and by email.

Recently had this commision, to complete a memorial for a beloved cat called Stig. The goblet is beautiful Tudor Crystal, by far the best canvas for work like this in my opinion.Very busy at the moment and of course the Zest "Deep Surface" exhibition opens this week. I am very much looking forward to it. Some pretty serious engravers work is being exhibited in this prestigious gallery.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone, I can see it outside.....can't wait to get back to playing golf and feel that warmth on my back again!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

London exhibition

Please note: March is FULLY BOOKED, except for simple lettering.

I have a few pieces in the latest exhibition dedicated to engraved glass:

Deep Surface - The Secret Art of the Glass Engraver.

Zest Gallery London 25th March - 5th May 2010

After that, hopefully, I will be in the Guild of Glass Engravers bi-annual exhibition which is in Cambridge this year.

Last week I was professionally photographed for a book on crafts which is including a section on engraved glass and apparently will be out in autumn. I will give you more details on that as they emerge.

In the mean time I am flat out with the usual queue of quotes and commissions. Presently on the workbench is a beautiful Tudor Crystal goblet which is a memorial for a client's beloved cat. There is no picture of him (the cat), only the wild flowers, trees and little creatures that he shared his garden with. Immediately after that will be a golf prize table! (that being a golfing term for a table of golf competition prizes).

Oh speaking of which, I just grabbed 2 days to go away with some ladies for a bit of golf which was great fun except for the fact that I nearly froze solid and in fact pulled out of the second day because I value my life !! :-) Really I do love my golf but playing at around zero deg C is not fun as far as this African body is concerned! It is fair to say we booked it months ago when we imagined the weather was going to be a few degrees warmer as is normal for this time of year!!!

So it is back to work. Remember to have a peep at the engraving page on Facebook, it is going great guns with lots of engraving chit chat from budding glass engravers all over the world. See the right side of this page for the link.

"When I wake up in the morning, I plan for a good day. My anticipation attracts good experiences to me." - Louise L. Hay