Sunday, 29 August 2010

glass engraving, exhibitions including Cambridge Glass Fair, golf......the usual...oh and registering my business as a Limited company, and grannyhood

Hi there world :-) It always feel like a Clint Eastwood "I talk to the trees" moment or Shirley Valentive talking to her kitchen wall.....but still it is a good feeling, like a diary I suppose, but not to get too carried away....hmmm, so I thank you if you have taken the time to stop in and read my blog.

All sorts has been happening and I have been putting most of it in small chunks on the Facebook engraving page which is going very well and has proved to be a very effective engraving help for those who want it well as a mini blog it turns out, I notice a huge change in the number of people writing to me directly to ask for help in their work. They soon see that SO many questions are already answered there. (Details on the side panel)

"Flame of Love" which says "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" it is a hand blown crystal disc with a splash of firey colour within the centre. The Flame Lily is hand engraved back and front and the lettering is sandblasted in a very casual style, rather like a lover's doodle, also on the back and front. This piece will be available first at the Cambridge Glass Fair. Should you wish to purchase it prior to the fair let me know, but it will be on display as sold and released to you after the that leads me on to that...

The Cambridge Glass Fair will next be on Sunday 26th September......(I had better get on with my other pieces right quick!!) Chilford Hall Linton near Cambridge.

Well I should have put this first really as it is very important, although makes no difference to anything much really.....I have registered my business as a Limited company, Lesley Pyke Limited. This means.....well changes with the accounts and such, but I am the glass engraver and my esteemed accountant will have that headache. I just have to be nice to me or I won't get time off to play golf!!

......oh yes, nice lead...well I have been making more of an effort, like about once a week , and I successfully defended my title as "Runner up to Champion" just can't quite get those last few shots off, but I have managed that before in this country (in the last 8 and a half years) Champion twice and runner up 4 times. This year however for the first time I was the Handicap Winner (Net winner), I am very proud of that! There.... I have blown my trumpet....

So the next thing to tell you about is so so lovely, I am going to be a granny, beginning of November!! I am so excited, the only thing is they are in New Zealand, sigh, life is very tricky, but thanks to modern technology our communications are fantastic. I already have a granny brag album with 2 scans!!! It is my eldest son Shane and Sian who are having a baby, a little boy. I am surprised that with these fancy machines you can't yet have a conversation with the baby, maybe skype through a tube???...ok I had better get serious again...both my sons are doing well in New Zealand and I am immensly proud of them, and I am very excited about a pending trip over which I can barely speak about as it is just so wonderful , to see my boys, Shane (and his lovely girlfriend) who I last saw 2 years ago and my baby, Gavin, who I have not seen for 6 years!!!! Also to meet my new grandchild. sweeet!

Now for some local news... our village church St Peter's in Spexhall, is right at this moment putting on a lovely art exhibition, last day is tomorrow, bank holiday Monday. It looks wonderful, so many pieces of artwork, paintings, sketches, sculpture, sitting on all the pews and on the windowsills and any available shelf. Today there was a BBQ (although it did rain unfortunately) and some lovely old singing from a Ukulele band, very very entertaining. I have one of the windows with a small selection of engraved glass and crystal and also some of my drawings and paintings shown here. So if you are near Spexhall (Halesworth), Suffolk tomorrow, do pop in. After that I will be hanging my work on the walls of my gallery/showroom for the way, this artwork is what I do occasionally on a Sunday when football is on and when I am not working on my laptop!

This weekend marks the start of the International festival of glass and one of the events is the opening exhibition of the new Stourbridge Gallery, I have one piece in the exhibition "Tree of Life" details of which you can see on the For Sale page of my website or on the main Stourbridge Gallery website below.

Well I think that is just about it for the moment, I have a lot on the books for this week including a beautiful old building to go onto a large Tudor Crystal Goblet, loads of details on the building and there will be lettering all around the base.

So here's to a good week ahead, I hope that help comes soon to all those desperate in the Pakistan and China floods, and also those poor miners stuck so far under the ground, oh dear, my heart goes out to them and their families...hang in there guys!!