Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sun is shining...out there

Let me is already the 29th April, I turned 47 on the 7th which came and went so fast, as usual just another day with absolutely nothing special about it at all. I had to remind Brian over morning coffee. Sigh... we eventually had dinner several days later as we were both so busy at work, long gone are the days of presents and flowers, maybe that was another life somewhere on another planet. Sometimes I wonder about life and if there is actually something more to it. I am not being very positive here so I had better lighten up.

I still have not managed to update my photos on my website so I have quickly added this one, rather fun as I had never engraved an Asian Ele before (only African) , this was for someone at a Safari park.

Great news is that my youngest son, Gavin, is finally out of Afghanistan and I wait now to hear about his arrival back in New Zealand. That has been 6 months of dark cloud over my head. I feel very deeply for every mother who has a son in a war zone. Wives, girlfriends and children too, it is a deep subconscious worry.

April has been by far the busiest month I have every had in my business, I remained fully booked throughout and am still catching up but am almost there. I have managed all deadlines with some clever juggling and luckily I have a number of super-duper suppliers who have just not let me down, whether it is for glass, masks or presentation boxes.

I had a wonderful wonderful time last weekend when I caught the train, very early in the morning, to London, where I met up with my Godson and his sister, visiting from Zimbabwe both of whom I had not seen for 7 and a half years....I have known them since before they were born and so they are very very special to me, their parents are amoungst my closest old friends who I miss so very much. We had a wonderful time being tourists in London, doing the usual things like the London Eye , Tower Bridge, Bucks Palace. I was shocked however to see the prices to get into some of the attractions so we gave them a miss, but really it was a very memorable day and I feel very privileged to have been able to do this. They have both grown SO much I felt like a little "titch".
AS I type this an ice-cream van has just pulled up outside my office. Temptation is so strong but as yet I have not bought anything and long may that strength continue. Unless you have a great metabolism and these things don't make dramatic changes in your body and you don't get pimples from the rich creaminess ....Just DON'T do it. The pleasure is only for a moment.

I will be on leave from 24th May - 7th June so please keep this in mind when ordering. I will however be keeping in touch by email.

Count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009 and Harrods

Today I got fed up and dashed into town for a radical new haircut, then dashed back to try and catch up with work. Slowly getting there.
Harrods was hard work but great fun! I engraved masses of lipsticks, one day I did 70!
Anyway not sure when I will next be in Harrods as I have so much to get on with here in little old Halesworth ;-)

I hope all of you had a lovely Easter, I did eat the Snickers bar in my hotel room fridge! That was as close to Easter chocolate I got and in my books was very bad indeed!

Remember to keep every muscle of that body in tip top shape, definitely do NOT smoke and exercise every muscle till it aches (especially if you have recently eaten a Snickers) drink lots of water, think happy and positive thoughts, never let anyone put you down or limit you in any way, stay away from nasty individuals and thank God for all your blessings every day.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter weekend

Hi all,
I am taking orders for May now but must warn you that I will be on holiday from mid may for 2 weeks so keep that in mind.

I have another stint with Guerlain at Harrods tomorrow (Good Friday) and Saturday so won't be in my workshop. I will be working on Monday , skelaton hours though.

Mad rush as I have to pack, I hope you all have a lovely Easter!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

fully booked April

Hi all, another quickie, I am fully booked for April, except for VERY simple wording only on single items.
Harrods with Guerlain was manic, I still have a sore neck! It really does seem people just LOVE the idea of a name on something, especially if it is complimentary!

I will be there again this (Good) Friday and (Easter) Saturday, after that I have to settle properly into the work I have lined up. Some truely awesome jobs including several military crests/badges on both decanter sets and glass panels (for internal doors). I have several prestigious awards to complete including a well known hospital and a mirror/sandblasted light fitting, oh and also some gorgeous items to go in a gift shop of a castle in Italy! There are the watch backings, an intriguing commission, and looks like another pile of swing top bottles are about to invade!!

I am being snowed under with photos that I need to get onto the website to share with you....(when???) and more animals to engrave and get over to Australia and having completed a Dartington Admirals decanter covered in an English woodland scene recently, I am now to engrave a similar set of Dartington Crystal Bordeaux glasses. Amoungst my smaller orders are a labrador, a tiger and lots of flowers.
There is always something different, and don't ever think that a simple name on a glass is too trivial, no job is ever trivial!! I love those just as much, to have something simple and elegant to engrave brings me back down to a normal heart rate and is essential for my wellbeing ;-).

Have a Happy Blessed Easter everyone
..... and remember it is not law to eat CHOCOLATE! I never do at Easter.