Monday, 18 May 2009

Busy May engraving

Guy's & St.Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust Awards, London.

It was an interesting challenge, transforming the massive commissioned statues outside the hospital (created by Rick Kirby) to a relatively small piece of engraved glass and still represent the artist's technique well enough for his approval. The figures are sandblasted and hand engraved on the back with the main lettering on the front and more lettering under the base front.

Several awards and presentation this month, football, Masons, golf... and the usual anniversaries, so many 50th anniversaries, it is always so nice to know that there are couples out there getting that far!
I am off on my annual vacation therefore will not be able to do any engraving until early June, however please email me if you wish, I will keep up with emails as much as I can. I will be back in the workshop from 8th June and already have a number of jobs lined up so please don't leave it too long if you need something then.

Last week I met up with a dear old friend of mine in London, the last time I saw her was at the airport as I left Zimbabwe in 2001. It was a special day and we laughed and cried throughout. I do miss my friends terribly. Thank goodness for the internet! I think this is a wonderful time to be on the planet for technology.

talking technology... I was thinking the other day about how these days they have paper thin massive TV screens....and I very clearly remember the old black and white TV that took ages to warm up and then we only had 3 hours of tele to watch.....but then again that was in Rhodesia. We were a little behind. I also remember my youngest son asking about records...he wanted to know which end the needle would have started the middle or on the outside....I remember stopping school and listening to the radio when they landed (if they actually did) on the moon. My great granny never ever believed it anyway ;-)...well why have they not bothered to go there much again and why are they only planning to in about 2020???? I must check up on that one. I so wanted to be the first lady in space. I even wrote to NASA when I was 10 years old and got a lovely reply, and envelope full of Q's and A's and loads of A4 size glossy photos...sadly that was lost in my dash from Zimbabwe. I had kept them all those years, till 2001, c'est la vie!

Well you have to think about what is important in life, and "life" is important, health and freedom. Look after what our maker has given you, fill up with the correct fuel....NOT chocolate cake, and especially don't breathe in black nicotine when we were given such beautiful lungs and delicious oxygen.