Sunday, 16 November 2008

16 November 08....exercise routine

It has been a very hectic but succesful week and I am finally getting on top of things. So it is Sunday and I am going to mention another very important aspect of my life.

A glass engraver spends a lot of time sitting on one's behind, whether it is at the PC doing artwork/quotes/ordering/website/photographs/emails...or sitting at a desk sticking masks or hand engraving. I stand up when sandblasting or packing parcels or waiting in a post office queue! This all would be very bad for my health if I didn't have a regular exercise regime and healthy diet. It is not a glamorous affair, there is NO make up involved so believe me this is a first for my photos!!

DO NOT FOLLOW THIS ROUTINE UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERT IN THIS AREA AND KNOW YOUR BODY AND ITS CAPABILITIES. I am only sharing this for fun and have not included specific precautionery details.

Apart from playing golf whenever I can (at the moment only about once every 2 weeks) I go to a gym 2 - 3 times a week (more when I can) for an hour of vigorous workout. If I don't then I do some of the basics before breakfast.

This does not necessarily mean high energy/high impact aerobics, far from it, but I make sure my heart rate goes up in a 5 minute stint on each of the following: bike/ treadmill/ rower/ cross trainer = 20 minutes. I do not jog on the tread mill , I have never been one for jogging, but I walk at a very fast pace on a very steep incline.

I then move on to every other muscle I can possible think of and work it until it burns. I come from the days of pain no gain etc....I have been doing my gym since I left school in 1979, prior to that I did ballet... something I believe every little girl should do, from the age of 7 I was taught posture and grace whilst at the same time respect and decent discipline and how to work hard to achieve the best that you can be.

Back to my routine. ... I next "pull down" behind my shoulders 25kgs, 2 or 3 x 12 reps, then "peck deck " 12.5kgs same reps. Onto the tricep pull down 25kgs, same reps.

I then move on to a pair of dumbells, where I do a routine of arm exercises whilst standing. It should be taken as read that whenever standing everything is taute, tummy tight and good posture.

Next it is off to the thighs, inner and outer on the abductor, I squeeze 40 kg inner and then 45kg outer, 3 reps of 12.

Off to the mat where I begin with tummys. I don't have a name for my first exercises, basically balancing on the butt and lifting top half and legs at the same time. I do this 15 - 20 times, then I grab 2 3kg dumbells and balance again and twist from one side to the other15 times. I then work the upper tummy with the dumbells followed by "the plank" for 30 seconds. I have been trying to get up to a minute, but by this stage I am usually struggling. I turn on my side and lift my upper body 20 times each side.

I then do 20 "ladies" press ups, then lying on my tum lift my arms and legs symultaneously for my back. Then I stretch the **** out of the muscles I have used to this point.

Next I grab a 7kg dumbell and do 50 calf raisers whilst holding the extra weight. Then I streeeeeetch them out.

Finally I do my last lot of stretching back on the mat, finishing with my neck, gently.

During this whole process I am drinking a lot of water.

I always feel alive and ready to take on what this life tends to throw at you where you need to be strong, mentally and physically, a bit like some prisoners do when they have a long sentance to serve (well like they seem to do in the movies, a lot of weight training), in some way, many of us need to have the same attitude.

So, I had better carry on my quiet Sunday, next week has a lot of engraving to accomplish, beginning at least 3 of those days with my gym at 7am!!!


Friday, 7 November 2008


NOVEMBER FULLY BOOKED, taking small orders only for December/Christmas still.
(all emails and quotes received will be fine for Nov, even if you are awaiting prices from me)

Many thanks haste
Keep well and safe

Monday, 3 November 2008

3rd November 2008

Well the art Glass Fair seems like a life time ago already, I have not had a moment to post anything since then. Demonstrating is exhausting but people were very interested to see how it is all done...and no one asked me "where are you bringing these in from...." which I usually feel pretty miffed about!

My demo piece for the day was the set of optical crystal book ends pictured here, "King and Queen" This is now available for £280.00. One off.
A huge hug and kiss to my Brian who helped me , he is very special!
I have been madly busy...still...and thank goodness....and recently completed a rather prestigious order:I am looking at a long list of orders to get on with right now so I really must get on....but not before saying once again how fantastic my life is, to be able to still have my boy with me for another month. It has been a very special year of healing.
Always believe in your dreams....and well done Lewis "Hammie" !!!