Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chile miners rescue / general glass engraving news

Not since a purple banner flashed across the TV screen saying that Lady Di had been involved in a car accident, have I been so emotionally involved and completely engrossed in a news item. Ever since these miners were trapped I have followed the story and yesterday was just the most amazing climax and what a stunning positive happy ending. I think the world learnt a whole lot from Chile and how they conducted the whole rescue from start to finish. The support that was given and I am sure will continue to be given is fantastic.
Chi Chi Chi le le le !!
So back down to work. Commissions on the go range from English wildlife, family crests (one on a very old crystal doornob!), farm animals (cows/horses and piglets) to go on a large bowl, gorgeous Highland Terrior on a crystal block and several simple lettering engravings for one of my oldest customers (whilst I have been in this country) who I have engraved so many things for I have lost count! I feel at home here when she walks in, like I have been here for many years although it has only been 9. I love my "pioneer" customers, who in the beginning commissioned me going on not much more than a couple of photos and my word that I have had years of experience in Africa. There are some very precious people out there.

Recent commission: A presentation bowl to an outgoing Lady Captain of a golf club.

This Saturday is the Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Guild of Glass Engravers in London and for anyone who has an interest in engraved glass, I would encourage to join so that you too can benefit from such events. We will have 2 excellent speakers during the day and are able to purchase crystal and glass blanks from local glass blowers for engraving. A very unique event.

I have a passion for cullets and here is a selection I have staring at me waiting for some inspired engraving.....why does mining come into mind?.......or something hidden in the earth for centuries perhaps.....

To finish...I just need to say, keep positive always and have faith!
Have nothing to do with people who are not nice and keep with people who are.

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