Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A busy Glass Engraving April, Harrods perfume launch and a new editing roll.

Once again it has been a long time since I last posted, it seems I am managing my blog only once a month these days. I guess the Facebook pages take up a lot of that roll, but still, there is something special about a blog, it is more solid and in fact I tend to forget that not everyone has a Facebook account! So to those who don't I apologise for always asuming that you do.

First of all I would like to wish the Royal couple, Prince William and Kate, a very happy life together. I do hope that the weather is kind to them on the day. Here are a few items I have on offer, I have not been maketing them as I have been too busy, but I felt I had to join in the celebrations. The crystal dome paperweights are a limited edition of 100 and the whisky and wine are a limited edition of 50 each, the flat oval paperweights are not numbered or signed so that there is a cheaper option, these are presently available exclusively at Halesworth Stationers (Suffolk) along with the Limited edition Dome paperweights (which I am now selling in my eBay shop too) I have engraved one large goblet with the full coat of arms (Prince William's) and this is £250.00. It is signed and dated and simply numbered #1 and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. I will only engrave more if requested to and they will have follow on numbers.

There has been a run of requests for family crests, I love this subject, it always looks great on any glass.The crest below was copied from an old goblet of similar size and shape, which was engraved using a copperwheel technique, this I mimicked with my drill. An interesting challenge which worked quite well. These 3 are what I engraved.
I do have some great photos to show, but some have to wait until they have been presented to their recipients....although I can show some without identification details....hmmm let's see....ok I have blurred any givaway details. This is yet another triptyque of crystal decanters with the subject of a yacht engraved on the front. I create acurately drawn artwork for a mask, I sandblast and then hand engrave.

I do love my computer programs and I have had a really good publishing one for some time but with no real need for it, so I was delighted to recently take on the role of newsletter editor for a local business group. I have had great fun with the program, it is the same brand as my new web building program (Serif) I am trying to learn, they are very similar. I also use the drawing and the photo programs from this range.

Today I am just finalising details for another perfume launch at Harrods in May, one day only, and should be a busy one, great fun as always I am sure, more details to come ......

I have been LOVING the sunshine and the warmth of it......oh bliss! Golf has been back on the calendar in a big way, i have also been popping off for quick practice rounds on the 9 hole course. Oh why can't the weather just stay like that....(dreaming of Zimbabwe, sigh) well it just makes us appreciate this beautiful weather even more.

"Be still and know that I am God..." - Psalm 46:9-11