Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Selection of happenings in my life over the last 6 months......

 I was once again amazed to see that 6 months had passed since my last blog entry, where on earth does time go to?? I have been busy so that usually eats up the days it's true.
I have put together a selection of images from the MANY I have on file. Instead of adding the chosen ones individually I have grouped them in little collages, I hope that they open up big enough for you to see the details!
Above is a commission I had a few months ago, a thick heavy optical crystal free standing wedge circle. I hand engraved the cow on the back and sandblasted the lettering on the front.

 This was a lovely commission to do, a special presentation to the two craftsmen who renovated the Alfred Corry. I drew the details of the vessel from an old photograph on my computer to suit my sandblasting technique, keeping it simple and neat but showing as much detail as possible. I then print a very clear transparency and make masks for each decanter out of photo film mask which I then use to sandblast the crystal decanters. There was no hand engraving involved.
 I engraved at several events last year for Bombay Sapphire both for promotional (press event) and the public. Mainly at Selfridges both in London and Birmingham. At the events I hand engrave the bottles but I also sandblast bottles they send to me at my workshop for presentations to clients. I also engraved Grey Goose last year.

Then I was back in Harrods engraving for Givenchy, such beautiful perfumes. I have also been sandblasting bottles for their clients at my workshop.  
Then look who I bumped into again.... :-)

 I played loads of golf last year, my second year as Ladies' Vice Captain. I managed to win a few trophies which was fantastic, both individually and with my mixed partner. What a team!!
Then in December I was voted in as the Ladies' Captain at Halesworth Golf Club, for which I am extremely honoured and proud! I have a super busy year ahead and am really looking forward to it. With this in mind I must remind anyone wishing to come and see me, please make an appointment, especially if you are travelling from far. Keep in mind that Thursday is Ladies Golf day at my club.
 This is a lovely Dartington Crystal candle holder which I engraved a while ago, the little girl is on the front and the moon and star on the back. I took a photo on my phone of the moon together with this star one evening at home so I am happy that the angle and positions are correct. I have put this in my ETSY shop which I have recently re-opened. Do pop in and have a look. I have just this week sold a crystal wine glass with a bee engraved on it to a customer in USA from this shop.
 This chap is also in the shop, "Cockadoodledoo" ... he is hand engraved on a crystal whisky glass.
 One of my pre-Christmas commissions was this lovely set of wine glasses, each with different flowers, what an enjoyable commission that was.
 A very special presentation was made last year to the Captain of The Hong Kong Golf Club by the Captain of Lindrick Golf Club to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the club. Lindrick will celebrate the same anniversary this year. What an exciting trip to have made, lucky Captain!
 I exhibited 2 pieces in the Guild Of Glass Engravers exhibition last year at Morley College in London. A breathtaking display of the best engraving you could possible wish to see! I met up with Mark Raynes Roberts from Canada, and Freddie Quartley from London, who were also exhibiting.

This was an incredible event to engrave at, Johnnie Walker Symphony In Blue, Merchant Taylors' Hall, London. I cannot begin to describe it. There were 3 sessions for the guests to enjoy. Each guest experienced 6 different situations for which to partake of the whisky, (you will have to search some of the detail on the web) they then enjoyed a massive banquet (I was lucky enough to be a guest at one of them) after which was a cabaret that is beyond words! The event was created by those that created the London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies....that will give you an idea of the scale! I engraved on Johnnie Walker Blue and King George V .... breathe....slowly.... these were VERY expensive!! Some I was engraving at 11pm!
 I attended the Guild of Glass Engravers AGM and Conference in London at The Artworkers Guild. It was fantastic to catch up with old friends and fellow engravers especially Nancy Sutcliffe (pictured above) and Edmond Suciu !
Here is a delightful commission I had at the end of last year. I had to engrave 2 small diamond shape glass panels (Opti-white low iron glass) for St. Mary's Church, Swaffam Bulbeck. A memorial to Leonard Jenyns. Have a look at my Facebook page to read a little more about it.

 I had a very busy day engraving for L'Oreal at a press Event in London, not glass but lipsticks this time!
 Here's something different....A photographing challenge for sure! Yuletide/winter solstice celebration with Old Glory Molly Dancers.....arriving from across the moors at Geldeston, rural Suffolk, on a cold winters authentic, it was like being transported back in time. I enjoyed it with a dear friend and we just had to have a pint of the special Ploughboys Winter Warmer Ale! The rest of my photos are HERE.
 Above and below are a few more of the #glassengraving commissions I had between August and December.....
...and for those who have followed my long family is a lovely piccie of my two sons Gavin (youngest, on the left) holding my grandson Mason and Shane (on the right, dad of Mason). How I do miss them.... oh so much! Thank goodness for Skype and computers and Facebook! They live in New Zealand and Australia! My heart is swollen with such pride. I LOVE YOU GUYS XXX
I wish you all happy engraving out there and always experiment and practice if you are learning to engrave glass, don't be afraid, just get in there!!!

I have to also admit that I get emails and phonecalls every single day from all over the world!! I wish I could help you all, but as you can imagine I simply can't answer everyone. So many questions! There is a hunger for learning glass engraving. Again I say when I have more time I will be able to create more videos, probably write a book, but in the mean time I have to earn a living and life is very expensive ... not to mention of course this year I will be involved even more in my golf, it is a one year position. So please understand if I don't answer your correspondence. There is a lot you can learn from my little videos if you keep watching and practising.

Take care everyone!!! Have a wonderful 2015! ♥

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