Saturday, 18 December 2010

New Zealand holiday is fantastic! Please feel free to email me for January orders and enquiries.

Hi all, just zooming in for a quick update. We are having a fantastic time here in Auckland, spending quality time with family and friends, experiencing all sorts of exciting things and places. I feel very privileged!
This blog set up is not letting me edit and move my photos properly, goodness knows the pictures are jumbled up a bit I am afraid and I can't change that.

(click on photos for bigger pictures)

Going up in a gondola in Queenstown, with my youngest son Gavin and Brian.

oh how funny that was Gavin and I having completed the Luge, what a giggle!

Learning all about vinyards and grape growing by a dear old friend Duncan Cramp near Queenstown. He manages this vinyard with his wife Janie, we had such a good laugh with them! Just like old times in Zimbabwe!

It is a very dry area but is perfect for the grapes. The views are spectacular.

His vinyard is Mud House.

Myself and Brian. ;-)

Myself and my little grandson Mason with his new knitted scarecrow by his great Aunt Kathleen, he is absolutely adorable, so is the scarecrow!

Brian and I on the chair lift to the Luge in Queenstown .

We are playing lots of golf with my sons Shane and Gavin. I am in my element!!

My little grandson and I meeting for the first time. (as I said, the photos are out of order)

My sons Shane and Gavin and my grandson Mason. :-D

Shane is the very proud dad

Brian and Shane catching loads of fish in Mangawhai

Gavin and I at Rotorua to see the geysers

Giving a slideshow, talk and short demonstration of hand engraving glass to some of the members of New Zealand Society of Glass Artists in Auckland

Very exciting to meet such lovely people and learn about the glass industry in NZ too, I had great fun. Many thanks to all involved!!!

So our holiday continues with big plans for a family Christmas. Tomorrow we are going to experience the centre of Auckland and stay in a hotel for something different, 6 of us, I am really looking forward to that. Otherwise our plans now mainly consist of golf and Shopping for Christmas, I am not even thinking about the long trip home to the freezer!!

Please take care everyone who is experiencing the big freeze, it really appears to be very icy weather there.

Happy holidays !