Sunday, 16 January 2011

A great engraving year ahead!

Southwold on a chilly day....

It is already the middle of January!!! Is that the annual cliche or what?! It is very chilly but I have to say I am delighted to have missed all the halabaloo of the December freeze, so this is no doubt mild in comparison (still too cold for golf though)...oh and the handicap secretary informed me that the computer decided to cut me a shot as I "overperformed" last year hahahaha so I am now off 15.6 (16) so I had better get out there soon with mittens, earmuffs etc etc to practice.

Mangawhai, New Zealand....

I am well settled back into work but of course am still looking sideways at my photos and wishing......sigh. But alas I have a lot to do here before I can think about escaping to the sunshine again,

So the next date for the diary is 27th February when it is the Cambridge Glass fair once again.
For glass enthusiasts this is the fair to attend! For the highest quality antique crystal and a diverse selection of contemporary glass with the makers/artists in attendance. A food hall, live lunchtime music, bar, special exhibition and much more.

Chilford Hall Vineyard is situated amid rolling countryside a few miles south east of the City of Cambridge with its colleges and lively arts scene.

The Cambridge Glass Fair is more than just that - it is an event which brings together around 100 exhibitors from across the U.K. and Europe.

I will be in the Contemporary hall as per usual, I must check how many fairs I have been at, this is the 17th and it happens twice a year. I was first asked to participate when it was still mainly antique glass and crystal, there was no "contemporary hall" , that was a number of years ago now. They interviewed me some years ago too, it is in the archives on the site and you can see it HERE.

OLD photo......(and I think they whitened my teeth) :-D

When I look at photos/videos of my stand it has changed considerably, both in content and display setting. CLICK HERE for a few of my old videos . I will make an effort to video this fair next fair....although still have my oldie woldie video it is still alive.

There is also a great general video of the fair taken in 2009. Watch it HERE.

Of course I am working on several pieces for this next fair, both small and large, I hope to have work for sale that will appeal to all tastes (how about a big ol' toucan on a chunky square vase just completed)....and to suit all pockets. Speaking of which I always have my mobile card payment machine with me and accept ALL MAJOR CARDS. I also have my order forms there for new orders.

I have been pushing it at the gym again, it really helps to motivate me for the rest of the day, well every second day.... my alarm is set for 5:15am in time for a quick coffee while I get ready....gym opens at 6am. I am delighted to say I can hear the birds singing when I come out afterwards, even though it is still dark, It is a lovely sound.

"alors"....(must be wishing for some Mediteranean sun....) it is Sunday evening and Real Madrid did not beat Almeria tonight, not good, what chance is there of Barcalona losing...hmmmm

My thoughts are with all the people suffering in both Brazil and Australia....

Please sleep safely and soundly.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Back to work !

My gorgeous grandson ♥

Happy New Year!!
Well we have been back from New Zealand for almost 2 weeks already, it took a good week to get over the jet lag which is a really wierd thing! When the bod wants to sleep it practically shuts down any time anywhere....and when it want to wake up, it will be like an owl even at on went the cricket and the kettle, Brian was exactly the same and was eating sandwiches at that time too. We had to be really strict to get over it all.

Letting my hair down and dancing at my oldest friends 30th wedding anniversary party!!

I miss my sons already and my wee grandson too, it will be so strange when I see him again as he is changing daily. What a lovely time we had and what a beautiful family we are now joined with. So I now feel much less down in the dumps and have a renewed vigour, I have experienced where my children have been living for the last 10 years! I Should have had that experience a long time ago life does not always go just the way you want it to when you want it to. Never give up on your point of destination, your vision. Continuous positivity is all it takes.

The last of the RCR Crystal perfume bottles, so sad to see them go extinct!

Meanwhile my workshop has been pretty active already with daily orders coming in, for just about everything. Often people ask what is the most asked for engraving at each time of year....well there is no such thing, somewhere on the planet someone is having a celebration of some sort, a farewell, an award, a berievement, or just in the mood for an addition to their collection of art.
(just thought I would show you the side of this glass I did just before Christmas, subtle initials in the jungle !)

I had been seriously thinking of openning a gallery dedicated to contemporary engraved and hot glass one day. That will be a vision in my mind now, completely seperate to my present business. I have put some feelers out there and it is surprising what has been coming up.

Well my fingers are frozen as I type here as my radiator on a timer has turned off and it is time to head home.

My thoughts are with those who are so terribly effected by the flooding in Australia. Keep strong, safe and dry.