Friday, 21 September 2012

Another piece completed, a beautiful heavy little Norsk crystal bowl. Mushrooms....might re-name...jury is still out on that. 
See it as Cambridge Glass fair on Sunday 23 Sept 2012!!

...amendment...named "Funky Fungi" 22.09.12
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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Quick pieces....
Hand blown wine glass with rounded funnel bowl and multiple spiral opaque twist stem. Mid to third quarter of the 18th century in style, modern reproduction Georgian, by Georgian Glassmakers. "Georgian Garden" featuring wild flowers and a busy bee. Image is 3 views of a single glass. See this first at Cambridge Glass fair on Sunday.

Still on the bench....lovely Norsk crystal bowl, hand engraved in progress. See it on Sunday also at Cambridge Glass fair.


Monday, 17 September 2012

Cambridge Glass Fair

This coming Sunday 23rd September - Cambridge Glass Fair, (NOTE the new venue) Linton Village College, Cambridge Road, Linton CB21 4JB. The fair is open from 10.30am until 4.00pm.

I will be on stand C16 (in the library).

Above are 3 of the pieces I will have on my display (and for sale) which will be alongside several others, including my African Elephant vase if it does not sell between now and the weekend, it is presently in the Wold Land Trust Gallery, Halesworth.
I am looking forward to seeing all the familiar (I nearly said "old"....!!) faces and  many new ones.
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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Exhibition reminder

"Georgian Dragon"
Lead crystal hand blown authentic reproduction Georgian style glass, circa 1710, large balluster. Drill engraved. Signed by the blower and myself.
This piece is presently on exhibition and for sale at The Guild of Glass Engravers National Exhibition 2012 Mon. 13 August - Sun. 7 October at The Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge. UK.
Lead crystal cullet, hand engraved and sandblasted. Measuring 10 x 9 x 8cm. It will be available at “The Store” Dial Glass Works Exhibition, Stewkins, Stourbridge. 24th August to 24th September.

Telephone 01384 393398 Fax 01384 376638 or by Post

 Plowden and Thompson
A Division of ET Enterprises Ltd
Dial Glasswork
West Midlands DY8 4YN

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Glass, memorials, self portraits, etc

Years ago I engraved a piece of band music for this client and once again I was asked to engrave yet another march, this piece of music was a little longer, it was pushing the boundaries of size and detail but it worked fine thank goodness. There is a dedication on the base.

Another large Rock Tablet commission and this time for a memorial of a memorial! The image of the actual memorial is on the bottom and the lettering on the 3 small blocks is just representative lines but the overall story is clear.

Cambridge Glass Fair is 2 weeks away and the creative juices are flowing. (see end of page for link) Several partially engraved pieces are standing in my display cabinet at this stage. I always like to get going on something new before I forget what it was....:-).....and then complete them all as time goes on. This piece is an interesting shaped piece of lead crystal and I am engraving a self portrait...just because it is something that artists seem to do at some stage. This one is myself in deep thought. If only you could see the full extent of my thoughts, but you may be able to get a hint from my simplified facial expression. The embellishments are of oak, representing strength. We all need to be strong from time to time.

...and below is another piece in progress....a fabulous old crystal bowl, VERY thick and heavy with amazing colour and refractions that are hard to explain. I bought it at a local antiques fair, scratched in a number of places and looking sad, most scratches now gone and a whole new life is emerging from it, I think I prefer livening up sad old glass to working on new glass.
However I say that but I have just ordered 4 brand new 11" lead crystal spun discswith a splash of red colour for a private commission. I will let you know all about it after the presentation in South that'll be in January then :-)
I also recently engraved a very large bespoke made Rock Tablet for a client for a presentation to African Royalty, I have not got permission to publish so I will only show a picture of the early preparation. It was about 36 x 36cm.
Over the years I have had to engrave several piece of glass for subjects to do with death, this one is for a lady's cat who only died the other week, just a simple little sandblasted plaque but very significant. It now sits on his grave. I have engraved memorials for cats and dogs and other animals but believe it or not, for several humans including glass containers for ashes, a pottery urn too (I still use a coffee cup with the text underneath which I used to test the technique) and a thick glass panel for a grave head stone.
Below is a memorial for a cat called Stig which I engraved years ago.
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