Tuesday, 23 August 2016

 Very quick post to say that I am just emerging from an extremely busy 18 months and have made a "elevator pitch" as this seems to be obligatory nowadays. I bought a new little video camera mainly because it takes a SD card as opposed to those little TDK tapes which I would then have to upload onto my ancient laptop because it is the only gadget with a firewire....and so on and so on and so on....well anyway my first try with this new video camera (not very expensive but the only one I could find with a remote control) was a pain in the *** because it would not upload the sound onto the desktop. With a bit of research I found this camera is known for this flaw and it can be overcome by downloading Quickview...which I didn't have...and I was able to pick the sound up. What I could  get in the way of sound was pretty awful and I had to tweak it massively with Adobe Premiere Elements 14 so that you can hear it. I had bought a little microphone to plug into the camera but alas I discovered too late that it has no hole for the jack plug.....LOL.... ..anyhow, eventually I managed to create something and here it is. Now I know what I have to do I can make a couple more "how to" videos. I will catch up on the years' news on my blog too. Gosh it has been an age!...and BTW I am with a special new man.
I hope this finds you all well, relaxed and happy XX