Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Hi all, from a very quiet and chilly office in Suffolk.
I just thought I would shout out "we are a family of 10 on Patreon already" !!!! Double figures, delighted am I and so grateful, makes my video work more and more worth while spending so much time on.
That is where it's at 🥳🤩😍 come and join us!!
I have just uploaded Part one of the Wild Roses and bee, wine glass engraving. The first of 2 parts.
This is of course the full size "how to" video for Patrons on my Patreon channel. 
It is 30 minutes long and I explain everything as I go along.

Also in this video I Explain and demonstrate how to DETECT A STRESS LINE in a glass.

Do consider joining my little group of enthusiasts, we are growing and have so much to learn and share. All it costs is $12 per month.
When you join not only do you get 2 new videos per month, but get to see ALL the previous Patron Only videos. There are several hours worth there now already.

I have had some interesting commissions recently. I have been using a different technique to engrave anything machine-like and it has been very successful

  I have a few interesting engraved glasses for sale, along with my larger pieces which you can see on my website HERE their prices range from £50 to £65, absolute bargains for my hand engraving!

Take care and I hope you are all enjoying the festive season and those who are not, please know that I do think of you, I am sad for anyone who is sad out there, for one reason or another and I know this is a difficult time for many. ♥