Thursday, 18 January 2018

Well 2 posts in one day...a record!!
I am bringing to everyone's attention, a new set of glass engraving demonstration videos, which I am posting at the moment. I still have a couple more videos to make in the progress of the piece.

The first one is the request made last year:
Then the result, the choice of subject:
The first demonstration video is here:
The second demonstration video is here:

Please do visit the advertisers. The few pennies I get from clicks encourages me to make more videos. It takes me many many hours of filming and editing. I will make more videos if the advertising income is more successful. It's as simple as that.

PS...I do have other clothes was just a coincidence that I wore the same !  

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BIG thanks
Another whole year has passed.
It is unbelievable. My Facebook page is up to date though, but I understand, not everyone is on facebook.
Since I last wrote, a lot has happened. Too much to cover all, but a couple stand out.

I got engaged :-D
We marry this September!...BOTH my wonderful precious sons will be here from New Zealand and Australia with their other halves. I can't wait!
I am moving my business to nearer home after 17 years here in Halesworth.
I have started packing up and should be out by mid Feb.
In the mean time I have got a massive sale on as I have to get rid of a LOAD of glassware.
Please contact me to make sure I am here, or just pop in.
There are some pretty serious bargains!!! Come and grab one or a few!!
15B halesworth Business Centre, Norwich Rd, Halesworth, IP19 8QJ. Ph 01986874634, 07796906073.

Must dash.....
I will update this blog once I am settled, it is time!!!!
Take care ♥