Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Framed canvas prints of engraved glass

....I forgot to mention in the previous blog, I have uploaded a few pictures to Easyart, a website where you can order professionally framed canvas prints, your own choice of size colour mounts/frames etc. It is a new idea I had and so I am giving it a go.
Here are some example with my choice of frame:

It is a small collection of photographs (so far) of my work which for the first time is extending the life of this medium by hanging it on walls. Engraved glass has many moods and characteristics depending on the light and situation, often the best is not seen by the viewer. A photograph taken in an ideal situation records the detail of engraving and the magical effects with an intimate sense of closeness, often much larger than life.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Where is summer??...anyway it is wedding season

I can never believe how quickly a month goes by! I will be 50 next year and I thought that was aeons away!!! It seems it is racing towards me at full speed, I think I will blink and be telling you I am almost fact I blinked and it is already almost 10 years since I came to my roots here in UK from Zimbabwe!!

Well business is pretty steady I am happy to say, always a good variety of things to do. Here are a couple of photies as usual. Naturally I have been on the golf course, this photo was taken at this years Air Ambulance charity day, a fantastic day it was and a very large sum of money was raised. I took several photos on my little camera, of the prize table, then proceeded to delete them all thinking I had downloaded them......not like me.A dear little partridge for a shooting presentation.

It has been wedding season of course and I have had a number of weddings and anniversaries to engrave for. I love this swirly theme, it is very tricky to do but worth the effort, I absolutely love working the whole glass together!

I have had a huge pile of papers, magazines etc etc getting very dusty on shelves, waiting for me to make some kind of record. I have never really done this and always kick myself when I see other artists and engravers listing their editorials, it is a great thing and I need to share them with you. For the moment I have made up 2 collages.

The oldest one I have with me is from Zimbabwe, It is Air Zimbabwe's SKYHOST in flight magazine, 1996, if I remember correctly it was when Air Zimbabwe had only just started flying overseas. They had also asked me to paint 2 oil paintings of Victoria Falls, a sunset scene and a moonlight one to be used for the 2 main menus. Sadly I don't have copies of those.

Busy engraving the mirrors for the "Aviators Arms" in the Sheraton Hotel, Harare.

Lastly I have once again been asked to engraved a scene of popular Southwold, our lovely seaside town. This is a Christening present.
Well I wonder what Google+ is all about. I do try and keep up with it all, lets see what happens there. Quite exciting really.

Sending everyone a big hug, we all need hugs! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.