Tuesday, 29 December 2009

website down...and Real Madrid

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying this festive holiday season.
Just a quick note to say my website is down for the moment as I have run out of bandwidth...as you do....should be back again shortly, my apologies for any inconvenience.

In the mean time I am back in the office catching up on what I have to do and it will be very shortly that I will be fully booked for January as I have rather a lot lined up.

We had a quiet Christmas and will do the same for New Year. But we did have an AMAZING time watching Real Madrid thrash Zaragoza 6-0 at the Bernabeu on the 19th Dec! It was minus 10 degC (kick off 10pm meant we only got back to the hotel around 1.30am) Great experience. I will be back (My partner goes several times a year but this was my first )

Have a safe New Year celebration, especially those in the UK (and other) snowy/icy weather.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

La Liga !!! ...and Christmas glass engraving

Recent Christening gift, Hand engraved Tudor Crystal goblet.

It is just over a week to Christmas day. So much has happened and so much still to do. It has been the busiest time ever for me. My clients have "pushed the boat out" when it comes to challenges and once I had completed those, I had the clients who are there to bring me back down to normal heart rate gently with a couple of cats, a horse, some holly, snowflakes, poems, an angel, simple lettering, and a unicorn....

I had just completed a triptyque of 3 Atlantis crystal decanters which, as we speak, are now on their way to New York. First of all the commission was for the clients house spread across all three, then they decided to have their yacht instead. I have engraved many many yachts and boats of various descriptions, but this does not mean I know anything about them. Therefore a subject like this requires detailed photographs, these are are absolutely vital as there is no room for guesswork. Thankfully with the help of modern technology, all pictures I needed were supplied on request....and fast.

It worked very well in my opinion and after Christmas I will be able to show you. Prior to that order I had engraved a smaller yacht on a Dartington Crystal tankard with Southwold in the background and a lovely monogram opposite the handle.

At the other end of the scale, in size and emotion but not in meaning....I engraved the tiny little hand print of a baby who was not given the chance to grow up and be a "people" but to remain a little star in the sky. A heartbreaking commission that to the family is so so much bigger than an 11 million U$ yacht!

Well yes I did say "la liga" in the title :-) what all girls must do before they die.......watch a home game of Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid!! My partner is a great fan and goes to watch them a couple of times a year, this time he is taking me.....I have slowly been groomed over the last 8 years and it is time :-0 This Saturday they play Zaragoza, kick off is at 10pm (past my bedtime) and it will be -3 degC and raining according to the weather report!
We have seats on the very front row, great to see the players but where there is no cover....so will someone please tell me WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO WEAR?????????????????? apart from waterproof mascara and mittens!!! I really think in future I have to go for VIP status as this is just not on!!! ha ha ha ...anyway it will be a great pity that Ronaldo and Pepe are not playing! If you really want to know my favourite is Casillas! He is always there, just faithfully always there and an absolute star. Hala Madrid!!!

I hope to take lots of photos, I fancy a very hyperactive football themed glass in the making.

Well I will leave you with a memorial to dear Guinevere, a pet sheep of one of my clients.

...and in case I don't get another chance, I would like to wish everyone who reads my blog a very peaceful and loving Christmas, don't stress and don't eat too much!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Teaching at Darsham

Yesterday I once again taught at the Darsham craft day, and once again it was an absolute pleasure!!!! I get such a thrill out of teaching and seeing incredible results and seeing delight at their achievements, huge thanks to Jo for all the organising. 6 students in the morning and 6 in the afternoon. I have been doing it long enough now to have about 50% of them having their second go or even more. 50% having never tried to engrave glass before and some quite aprehensive, but always managing perfectly well.
Well done everyone!!

So it is back to work tomorrow (oh and I played golf today in rather chilly weather, 10 holes did us fine as we dived back into the club house for a well deserved drink)I have a busy week ahead with some pretty challenging orders, I couldn't think up such variety myself!!! Pictures to come once all the recipients have seen them....which will be after Christmas.
Hope everyone is coping with the season, we keep it simple, we don't do presents for each other we buy our own if we feel like it. I bought myself a golf club. Of I course made up a lovely parcel of wrapped up Christmas prezzies which I sent to my sons in New Zealand. Gifts for your children, (what you can afford) to delight them, that is what it is about as far as I am concerned. The rest is good will, good cheer and love. Don't waste all your hard earned money on what the world dictates. The origins of Christmas is quite different, it has been twisted and now become ugly in many cases.
You know by now the story of my children, so I have a sad tinge to my Christmas and it always makes me think about the many many people who have lost loved ones. Children, parents who have either moved far away, died or even worse those that are missing, my heart goes out to you most especially in this season which holds the most precious memories.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Run up to Christmas

Much is happening all round, it is that time of year when timing is crucial, it speeds up so much on the run up to Christmas and then suddenly hits you smack on! I am taking all sorts of engraving still, lots of small jobs and a couple of big ones on the go, nothing with extreme deadlines that I can't cope with so I am cruising along nicely.
I am presently working on another lovely Tudor Crystal Christening goblet. I absolutely love these! A combination of sandblasted lettering and hand engraved decoration. Pictured above is the last one I engraved for a family with an African theme. The other favourite is English woodland themes.
I am filming most of this new engraving for my collection of little movies which will eventually be put on a DVD. I use a remote control to move the zoom and pause and film.
I must just add that I certainly do engrave simple subjects aswell, it is all part and parcel of my business. I frequently am asked whether I do this sort of thing, I DO enjoy them, these jobs are not always as simple as they look, a curved glass will mean each line of lettering can be on a different curve, meaning some clever computer artwork tweeking, this is very important for a professional finish where all lines appear perfectly straight.
Just thought I would leave you with this glass, a subject I had never engraved before, "Morris Dancing In Merry England"
Things are not always as they seem when viewed from a different angle :-)

Friday, 23 October 2009

glass engraving/awards/ golf...sport of Kings!!

It has been a while and I have been so busy! If anyone has peeped at my website lately I have had the fact that I am fully booked for anything other than simple lettering up there in red letters for a some time. (this doesn't always work ;-) I am just making sure I don't take on more than I can handle, it is always very important that I don't feel panicked! So I am "calmly" getting through quite a lot. I will take down my little "sign" shortly as I catch up.

We did sneak a golfing weekend away at Sprowston Manor in Norfolk! We even had the red carpet for our entrance....and masses of security guards...well nice thought, but it was for the king of Malaysia who was out on the golf course and who then later came in and had a splendid tea with his entourage just in front of us whilst we were having our sundowners, then he got whisked away in a helicopter. What a life! Seems a nice chap anyway ;-)

It is the season not so much of gifts...but of awards, presentations, trophies! DIY decorating, windows etc. I have had some interesting enquiries as usual and technology is always so helpful, a phonecall from USA and during the call the client takes pictures of his dining table (for which he wants a very large glass vessel) and emails them immediately to me to discuss.

I have had a lot of URGENT jobs recently, and I have decided that "Urgent" should be my middle name, so don't apologise, it is the nature of the business and if I can do it I will, if I can't I will say "no" or give another option, like the waiting list! Often I manage to get through more than I thought I would.

NOTE: I have a Parcel Force acount so the postal strikes are not affecting me.

I attended the AGM and Conference of the Guild of Glass Engravers last weekend, as usual this was a great day, most informative and inspiring. I was also able to get my hands on some MORE beautiful crystal blanks from the glass blowers selling their work there, I must have about 10 now, all different and waiting to be brought to life. I also have a magnificent Adam Aaronson bowl which I have some great ideas for....wonder if I can buy time from somwhere?The Guild's bi annual national exhibition is next year in Cambridge, so I will be hopefully exhibiting.

Well my heater is on, last night I made our first yummy stew with all the freshest ingredients , accompanied with a glass of good Chilean red....mmm winter? bring it on!

Meat and veg! simple, and so good for you!! Feeds your body and soul!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cambridge Glass fair

Firstly ...I will be CLOSED Friday 2nd and Sat 3rd October.....
My stand at the fair

I didn't mention in my previous post about the fair, it came and went so fast! It was a lovely day, beautiful weather, beautiful people, always such a pleasure to be there. As Monday came I had to hit the ground running again as I had to dust, clean, wipe, put everything back in place and then had several very urgent jobs to complete and despatch and of course my polisher came....that took my attention and it has been difficult to concentrate on what I have to do first before I can play! Work is like Picadilli in the rush hour at the moment!
In this photo I am showing my Bowl of Sea V to well known glass blower Adam Aaronson.

"Faith is taking the 1st step even when you don't see the whole staircase" Martin Luther King

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

New glass polisher

Finally I climbed the next step, this is one cool tool!! All the way from Texas, I have so many plans for it now ;-)
Never give up on your dreams. Use every single day !
I am now pausing to think of those who have lost their lives, their homes, their loved ones in the south Pacific tsunami, another terrible tragedy. I hope and pray that those who are missing are not suffering. Those searching, be strong.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Newly engraved pieces

Cambridge Glass fair will be upon us in less than a week now. I have been creating a few interesting pieces, here you see "Delicate Deliverance" and "Madame" ....interestingly I suppose the titles could be for either...?

I am very excited about my polisher....crumbs I do hope it is well on its way. I keep thinking of AMAZING things I can do with it.

Bowl of sea will be finished this week. A final special polish would be awesome!

I have forced myself to take a day off today (Sunday) to gather up some depleted energy. However I still find myself stuck in the laptop!!??

I do wish you a peaceful Sunday wherever you are.

Monday, 14 September 2009

New Facebook page

Hi all, to try and ease the load of glass engraving questions I get from all over the world...I have just today started a new Facebook page, please see the panel to the right.

It will take a while to get going (because I am still so busy)and once it does I hope it will be a good source of information and you can all chat and discuss etc

I have just ordered a fantastic new polisher from USA and can't wait to get it:
I will let you all know about it when it gets to work! Gotta dash.....soooo much to do!

Keep fit and happy, don't waste a single moment being negative. Seek the LIGHT always!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Fully Booked Sept

Hi all, please note I am fully booked for September. If I have emails from you waiting for quotes I will answer those and include them this month.

"A useless life is an early death. " Goethe

Sunday, 6 September 2009

bowl of sea

Hard at it this lovely Sunday....now got to cycle home....chat soon. Have a lovely day all.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cambridge Glass fair

Hi all, have been mega busy, but have been grabbing whatever time I can (bank holiday weekend for example) to get creative for Cambridge. Here is a taster of the latest, I have a long way to go with it still, it is my 5th Bowl of sea, all quite different, but this one so far is the closest to the original in its colours and movement, although the bowl shape is very different. Its debut will be at Cambridge Glass Fair, 27 Sept.
I bought a nice bike to come to work on from time to time. reminds me of school days. I am also squeezing in more golf and am so so happy about that, it really helps with the time I have to concentrate on my work. Still keep up the gym too, I was there at 7am today....absolutely worth the effort and I recommend it to everyone who has a body! Get my drift?!!
I say again, "muscles must move."

PS I have still so many emails coming in every day from budding engravers.....yes yes I will do something about it as soon as I can. It is very encouraging that at least my little website halps a bit in the mean time. The biggest request is for a DVD, oh yes, and I have loads of material for that already, I could do that easily in one week ....that is what I would have to do, take a week off specifically for that.

Coming close to the time I should be hearing about this "big job" I wonder...I really do wonder.... if it doesn't happen then I really want to try and go and visit my boys in NZ, I have not seen my youngest for 5 years and that is not right. Sometimes you have to take life by the short and curlies and swing it!! It would be my longest trip ever and I would have to go alone, quite an adventure. But will have to see price of tickets v time I have to close.
Keep on going everyone and always stay positive, be confident that you are doing the best you can.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

million giraffes and engraved glass

Well it has become a habit when I get to work in the morning, it is a fun and cheerful start to the day....just to have a look at a few of the new giraffes, thanks to Ola and his awesome website/blog! When you think that every possible version of a giraffe has been done...there are many more, you must take a look and you must make/draw you own, or get your kid or granny to. It is such fun!!! Naturally my Gerry would have been quite upset if I hadn't sent him in and now he is there playing with all the other giraffes! I had to send one with the working process shown as intially they were not sure it was made by me....you are not allowed to buy or use a computer. The rules are simple. So please help this guy get to his million pictures in the time that is set. It costs nothing and is just good clean fun!

As per usual I have been inundated with work.....I took this photo to show you that I don't have any fancy cleaner machines for post sandblasting cleaning off, it is very basic old bucket of hot water and I do it all myself along with everything else concerned with running an engraving business, hence I have not been able to answer many of the emails I get from all over the world about engraving techniques. I know I keep going on about this, but I have simply not got the time at the moment. I also have a fair amount of quotes to get through and I apologise to those who are waiting patiently, I will get to you ASAP.
(4 waiting to be despatched and 4 just arrived...showroom accommodating overflow)

I have to take a careful look now at what I take on in the next couple of weeks as with what I already have on the books alongside the Cambridge Glass Fair on 27 Sept which I have to do some serious engraving for....I also have the possibility of the "big job" quote being accepted. This is supposed to be around mid September, it is a waiting game now.

I know I talk about golf a lot, it is essential for me to do this otherwise I would get stale in my workshop. I have another great day on Thursday when we will have our ladies Invitation day, I am looking forward to that, I have been working weekends , so it is not like I am skiving ;-) when you have your own business there is no such thing as set working hours!

I am glad I have caught up with you a bit....must get on with it now.

“The purpose to life is a life of purpose” Robert Bryne

Friday, 14 August 2009

Golf Club Championships, Cambridge and abstract glass engraving

Hi all...yesterday (Sunday13) was our ladies golf club champs, 36 holes in one day, weather was gorgeous, had a great playing partner and we both played out of our boots!! At least I can say I brought in the winner ;-) she got me by one shot to take the title leaving me a very happy runner up, quite satisfied with having played the 2 rounds under my handicap. I feel privileged as a human being to be able to play my golf, a wonderful healthy sport! I did eat pasta every day for a week prior to the day (for energy) and upped my gym and aerobics exercises as my flu had really taken it out of me! So all's well that ends well....and it is back to the workshop!
I must remind you that it is once again the Cambridge Glass Fair on Sunday 27th September at Chilford Hall Linton, Cambridge. I have been in the mood for some crazy abstract, good to let one's hair down from time to time. I am extreemly busy at the moment so not sure how much I will manage to complete. Above is a wee taste on a Tudor Crystal Air twist goblet called "Reach" £290.00.

Oh did I mention that I had sold my Portland Vase Study, I was over the moon that it went to a very good home although I did feel sad to say goodbye, it will always be a very important piece to me!
Gotta go.....catch up soon....

positive positive positive

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

classical crystal flutes

Well have I had flu of the curley tail variety or just normal??? Who knows, but it has hit me hard and is VERY annoying. I did take 1 and a half days off, but that was it, (when I did have a fever). But now a sort of horrible head cold is lingering. Best part is I have no appetite and therefore it is very easy to stick to my diet ;-) I have no sense of smell, very interesting.

I have a folder with several emails waiting to be answered (as in quotes and enquiries) and another folder full of engravers questions. The pressure is on to make a serious engraving DVD just on the basics of engraving. I need time...and also I have to wait till the nails on my right hand grow as lusciously as those on my left, have been using them far too much as tools (picking tape off sandblasted glasses, unpacking endless boxes of glass etc etc..) I can't make a DVD with grotty nails!!

I have several tricky, challenging and fun orders to do, as you can see above is one I am in the middle of, this has been an extreme challenge in computer graphics (well for me anyway) using Serif PhotoPlus X2 , Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 and CorelDRAW X4......to transform and create the music artwork, each glass has different music. I will now be adding more lettering on both the body and the base. I am sandblasting these sumptuous Dartington Crystal Celebration Flutes and will touch up any areas by hand that require it at the end.

Another "beut" lined up is a gorgeous decanter with a fine green tint inside. The customer wants large styalised waves going round, mmm I like this idea.

As soon as I have posted this I will be answering the emails in the "quotes to do" folder!!! If any of you reading this are waiting for answers, once again apologies to those who have been waiting, I usually try and keep it to only a couple of days.

Well keep healthy and drink lots of water......and exercise. Muscles Must Move.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Mighty serious video to watch!!...a change from glass engraving

Engraving inside and out of the vessel

I have just watched this video and have to share it with as many as I can. I totally believe in pure health, eat what has recently been living / growing/ breathing, prepare it yourself. Get yourself a nice fresh juice and a small bowl of nuts and raw carrots and sit back and watch.

I could add to the video the importance of MOVEMENT (exercise) and happy positive thoughts. Avoid people who are negative and miserable. I personally have a completely adverse reaction to sarcasm and teasing, it is a form of bullying. People who love to make others feel stupid in order to feel clever. Avoid them! Breathe properly and deeply, fresh air. Drink lots of water.

Now back to work, loads of engraving in my workshop so I had better jump to it ;-). I am also putting together a new page for my website showing loads of examples of what I have engraved on the Dartington Crystal range. Another little note to mention is that I am presently waiting for the result of a very large quote I was asked to submit. I will not explain now, the results will be announced mid September, what a wait! However things will be a little different around here if I get it, and if not then it has been a great honour to have been considered. The work technique itself is very basic, but it is just very big and very many ;-) sorry but you will have to wait now !

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Answering emails

Hi all,
once again I am completely pushed for time and I must let you know that anyone waiting for answers to their emails (quotes or otherwise) I will be attending to them ASAP, I have a considerable amount of work to get through and I will get to answer them. I am thoroughly enjoying the variety of work coming in. ;-)

There is some lovely new stock from 3 of my main suppliers, items I will suggest according to your requirements. Some you will see if you type "2009" or "2010" into search in the catalogue which is an affiliate site direct to one of my suppliers.

“He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.” Proverb

Monday, 22 June 2009

catching up engraving ...and golf

( Teeing off the 11th (short hole) with my Callaway 9 wood. )

Last Friday was the annual Air Ambulance Charity Golf Day at Halesworth Golf Club, we had a fantastic day, it is always so well run and for such an essential cause.....the government simply does not fund Air Ambulance, so they rely on charity!! Can you imagine that!!!! I am trying to play more this year, lately I have not had time at all, but it is something one has to MAKE time for, like my gym, it is very important to keep up with activities like this, it stimulates the mind body and soul, and ultimately makes one work better. I absolutely love my golf! The photo was taken by a profesional who was there all day, will add his name if I get it.

(One of my donated prizes)

The last 2 weeks have been so hectic and I am finally catching up with new enquiries still coming in every day. I often get people wanting chips in their old glasses ground down too, I don't do this I am afraid, I do not have the equipment (or the time either).

It was Fathers day yesterday, I had my beautiful Daddy in my mind all day, the most beautiful Daddy angel in Heaven. I do love and miss him so much.

This week has a line up of mainly sandblasting so far, but that is fine, every order is so different, I never go unchallenged, the artwork can be very tricky and I use both Corel Draw Essentials and Serif Draw Plus X3 for that.

I do get loads of emails with endless questions about engraving and sandblasting, I can't always answer I am afraid, there are just not enough hours in a day and remember I do not employ anyone and am not planning to. I have to focus on my customers and their commissions first and foremost, then on my own pieces. I will always try and add as much info as I can on my website to help engravers, but that also has had to "take a back seat" for a while. One day.....one day...I will compile a Q&A from the many emails...but not just yet.

I have to pop to town just now to post my youngest son's birthday present, he will be 22. It has been 4 and a half years since I last saw him. New Zealand is a long way away. I always struggle with this, nothing I put in the box seems adequate. I sit and look at it and feel deeply disturbed as it is so unnatural, I almost want to hug and kiss the box, I should be able to just give it to him with a real hug and a kiss.

I had always been too soft and things would have been so different had I been who I am now, instead of being mentally beaten to a pulp, and being convinced to let my children go. BUT, every day I grow stronger still, And whether or not it is clear to me,
"no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

I am thinking now about the next Cambridge Glass Fair which is on the 27th September, Chilford Hall, Linton. I am planning some interesting engraving...hmmm...

Monday, 8 June 2009

Back from holiday - back engraving!!!

A quick note to say HI I am back...had a fantastic holiday, loads of sun, fun, golf, wine, food, sea, just perfect! We were in Saint Raphael, Cote d'Azur (South coast of France) for 2 weeks. My ultimate aim is to live and work in France, my heart has felt this since I was very young. Basically with the internet it would not make too much difference to my work which already comes from anywhere in the world. Never give up on your dreams....lots of hard work and saving to do!

For those waiting for quotes, and email answers, I am getting through them as quickly as I can.

ps....I also went to the gym on average every second day during the holiday..... ;-) pays to keep the fitness level up and the weight down!!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Busy May engraving

Guy's & St.Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust Awards, London.

It was an interesting challenge, transforming the massive commissioned statues outside the hospital (created by Rick Kirby) to a relatively small piece of engraved glass and still represent the artist's technique well enough for his approval. The figures are sandblasted and hand engraved on the back with the main lettering on the front and more lettering under the base front.

Several awards and presentation this month, football, Masons, golf... and the usual anniversaries, so many 50th anniversaries, it is always so nice to know that there are couples out there getting that far!
I am off on my annual vacation therefore will not be able to do any engraving until early June, however please email me if you wish, I will keep up with emails as much as I can. I will be back in the workshop from 8th June and already have a number of jobs lined up so please don't leave it too long if you need something then.

Last week I met up with a dear old friend of mine in London, the last time I saw her was at the airport as I left Zimbabwe in 2001. It was a special day and we laughed and cried throughout. I do miss my friends terribly. Thank goodness for the internet! I think this is a wonderful time to be on the planet for technology.

talking technology... I was thinking the other day about how these days they have paper thin massive TV screens....and I very clearly remember the old black and white TV that took ages to warm up and then we only had 3 hours of tele to watch.....but then again that was in Rhodesia. We were a little behind. I also remember my youngest son asking about records...he wanted to know which end the needle would have started the middle or on the outside....I remember stopping school and listening to the radio when they landed (if they actually did) on the moon. My great granny never ever believed it anyway ;-)...well why have they not bothered to go there much again and why are they only planning to in about 2020???? I must check up on that one. I so wanted to be the first lady in space. I even wrote to NASA when I was 10 years old and got a lovely reply, and envelope full of Q's and A's and loads of A4 size glossy photos...sadly that was lost in my dash from Zimbabwe. I had kept them all those years, till 2001, c'est la vie!

Well you have to think about what is important in life, and "life" is important, health and freedom. Look after what our maker has given you, fill up with the correct fuel....NOT chocolate cake, and especially don't breathe in black nicotine when we were given such beautiful lungs and delicious oxygen.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sun is shining...out there

Let me see...it is already the 29th April, I turned 47 on the 7th which came and went so fast, as usual just another day with absolutely nothing special about it at all. I had to remind Brian over morning coffee. Sigh... we eventually had dinner several days later as we were both so busy at work, long gone are the days of presents and flowers, maybe that was another life somewhere on another planet. Sometimes I wonder about life and if there is actually something more to it. I am not being very positive here so I had better lighten up.

I still have not managed to update my photos on my website so I have quickly added this one, rather fun as I had never engraved an Asian Ele before (only African) , this was for someone at a Safari park.

Great news is that my youngest son, Gavin, is finally out of Afghanistan and I wait now to hear about his arrival back in New Zealand. That has been 6 months of dark cloud over my head. I feel very deeply for every mother who has a son in a war zone. Wives, girlfriends and children too, it is a deep subconscious worry.

April has been by far the busiest month I have every had in my business, I remained fully booked throughout and am still catching up but am almost there. I have managed all deadlines with some clever juggling and luckily I have a number of super-duper suppliers who have just not let me down, whether it is for glass, masks or presentation boxes.

I had a wonderful wonderful time last weekend when I caught the train, very early in the morning, to London, where I met up with my Godson and his sister, visiting from Zimbabwe both of whom I had not seen for 7 and a half years....I have known them since before they were born and so they are very very special to me, their parents are amoungst my closest old friends who I miss so very much. We had a wonderful time being tourists in London, doing the usual things like the London Eye , Tower Bridge, Bucks Palace. I was shocked however to see the prices to get into some of the attractions so we gave them a miss, but really it was a very memorable day and I feel very privileged to have been able to do this. They have both grown SO much I felt like a little "titch".
AS I type this an ice-cream van has just pulled up outside my office. Temptation is so strong but as yet I have not bought anything and long may that strength continue. Unless you have a great metabolism and these things don't make dramatic changes in your body and you don't get pimples from the rich creaminess ....Just DON'T do it. The pleasure is only for a moment.

I will be on leave from 24th May - 7th June so please keep this in mind when ordering. I will however be keeping in touch by email.

Count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

comparethehaircut.com and Harrods

Today I got fed up and dashed into town for a radical new haircut, then dashed back to try and catch up with work. Slowly getting there.
Harrods was hard work but great fun! I engraved masses of lipsticks, one day I did 70!
Anyway not sure when I will next be in Harrods as I have so much to get on with here in little old Halesworth ;-)

I hope all of you had a lovely Easter, I did eat the Snickers bar in my hotel room fridge! That was as close to Easter chocolate I got and in my books was very bad indeed!

Remember to keep every muscle of that body in tip top shape, definitely do NOT smoke and exercise every muscle till it aches (especially if you have recently eaten a Snickers) drink lots of water, think happy and positive thoughts, never let anyone put you down or limit you in any way, stay away from nasty individuals and thank God for all your blessings every day.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter weekend

Hi all,
I am taking orders for May now but must warn you that I will be on holiday from mid may for 2 weeks so keep that in mind.

I have another stint with Guerlain at Harrods tomorrow (Good Friday) and Saturday so won't be in my workshop. I will be working on Monday , skelaton hours though.

Mad rush as I have to pack, I hope you all have a lovely Easter!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

fully booked April

Hi all, another quickie, I am fully booked for April, except for VERY simple wording only on single items.
Harrods with Guerlain was manic, I still have a sore neck! It really does seem people just LOVE the idea of a name on something, especially if it is complimentary!

I will be there again this (Good) Friday and (Easter) Saturday, after that I have to settle properly into the work I have lined up. Some truely awesome jobs including several military crests/badges on both decanter sets and glass panels (for internal doors). I have several prestigious awards to complete including a well known hospital and a mirror/sandblasted light fitting, oh and also some gorgeous items to go in a gift shop of a castle in Italy! There are the watch backings, an intriguing commission, and looks like another pile of swing top bottles are about to invade!!

I am being snowed under with photos that I need to get onto the website to share with you....(when???) and more animals to engrave and get over to Australia and having completed a Dartington Admirals decanter covered in an English woodland scene recently, I am now to engrave a similar set of Dartington Crystal Bordeaux glasses. Amoungst my smaller orders are a labrador, a tiger and lots of flowers.
There is always something different, and don't ever think that a simple name on a glass is too trivial, no job is ever trivial!! I love those just as much, to have something simple and elegant to engrave brings me back down to a normal heart rate and is essential for my wellbeing ;-).

Have a Happy Blessed Easter everyone
..... and remember it is not law to eat CHOCOLATE! I never do at Easter.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

home time

Another week another £, well I managed all I had to do and now it is Saturday afternoon once again. This photo was taken only 10 minutes ago as I was just finishing this glass, one of 2 going off to Australia on Monday.
I must update the photos on my website, I have so many new ones to show you....it seems these Harrods trips mean that I miss out on my usual weekend Website work.
Next week will be pretty hectic, as I have a few orders to get through before I head off to London again , this time engraving exclusively for Guerlain for their new lipstick launch, Thursday and Friday, then Saturday I have an early start off to Darsham once again for their craft experience day where I will be teaching all day , around 12 students in all....I think Sunday I may just stay in bed all day ;-) then again...what a waste that would be.

oh yes, I am thoroughly enjoying having an account with Parcel Force now, it means my customers pay less for a large parcel and it means I no longer lock up, drive to town, pay a parking fee, and stand in a post office queue often with a massive parcel I have had to carry with a rachet strap, wasting time and money!!! Should have done this years ago...I book a collection on line and they come and collect..."simples". I still send small overseas parcels by Royal Mail as it is much cheaper.

Master your mind & emotions & you master your life! (from Tony Robins' Twitter)