Sunday, 15 November 2020


Just opened my "Merch Store" .... please do let me know if there is any fav piece that you would like to see on a garment or accessory or piece of homeware. I have chosen a few of my favs to begin with, just wish I had better photos of some of the older pieces. 
A "Shelf" will soon be featured on all my YouTube videos and a Store tab on the channel.
Lesley Pyke Glass Engraver Merch Store

Lesley Pyke Glass Engraver Japanese Dragon, Tree of Life, African Elephant

*New Video*
 as promised AGES ago....some simple bamboo. It is a patch of a large bowl, but enough to get you going with your own bamboo! I have called it part 1 but weather I actually complete a full video as a Part 2 is debatable as it will be pretty much more and more and more and moooooore of the same but with a few neatening tweeks, so I may include bits of it with another subject video.
To view this and many other glass engraving tuition videos, pop along and join in the fun on my Patreon teaching channel where you can view my videos from as little as £5.50 per month !!!

I have been release some of my much older Patreon teaching videos to my YouTube channel, this is a taste of how I am teaching in my videos. Baring in mind I am evolving / improving my editing as I go along , I still have a lot to learn as I am using the latest Adobe Premire Pro editing software and basically trying to be a Steven Spielberg...LOL... yes ok I am far off that!!!!

Anyway, I hope this Covid-19 episode is soon to pass, we are in lockdown as I type, but I am actually working for Post and collect only, but at least still working.

Take care all


Tuesday, 22 September 2020

 My website and emails are working again thank goodness. 

Gosh what busy month, so many different and challenging commissions!!!!! I can't share many of the images just yet but this one was interesting.... PC Gamer Case, that was a first and I LOVE the effects. Sandblasted fairly deeply. Thanks for the order, Tom. I love it when my customers come up with new innovative ideas!
#glassengraving #sandblasting #gamercase #gamerlogo #PCGamerCase #pcgamer #personalizedpc #personalizedpcgamercase

Forwards and upwards

Stay safe everyone x

Thursday, 10 September 2020

 Hi everyone, my goodness what a time we are having.

Firstly I need to inform you that my website is presently down. I have been dealing with malicious attacks and so I decided to come to my rather neglected blog to assure you that I am still very much in business and in fact as busy as ever!

The website is presently being worked on by the experts and hopefully will soon be live again.

I do apologise to all those who have spent time trying to get hold of me, I appreciate the fact that you have visited me on this platform now.

I realise that over the last few days I will have lost many visitors and that amplifies how important websites have become to modern day business. However there now still remains many other ways to find me (details below)

Enjoy a couple of photos, I have SO many more on my website! I will update this blog with the website condition.

One more thing... My teaching channel is growing and I am having such fun creating content and interacting with my Patrons, they are such amazing people!Do have a look, it is SO cheap to join and watch many many many videos I have added on "how to engrave glass"

I hope everyone is safe out there♥

Lesley Pyke – Glass Engraver
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Monday, 24 February 2020


 Hello everyone,
well my Patreon channel is growing steadily, which is so exciting and absolutely wonderful. It makes my video filming and editing way more important and I make my videos with much more meaning now....stand back Spielberg!
This is SERIOUS teaching of glass engraving to both beginners and any standard really. We all do things a little differently and after 36 years I have developed my own techniques and styles.

 My videos range in length and my longest ones are well over an hour. I explain everything I am doing as I go along, I film close up so you can see clearly what I am doing.

 The subscription Tiers on Patreon are great value for what you learn. The most expensive being $20 per month which includes 3 videos, a live chat (international YouTube) where you can send questions in advance and work to be discussed on air, also you can send me images of 2 of your engravings to be critiqued by me, privately of course. An excellent way to learn.
Once you have joined you can see loads of the previous months videos relative to your subscription Tier.
 It is very easy to join my channel and you can leave any time, as long as that month is paid for.
Patreon is a platform which helps the creators to help you. Life is expensive and with some funding I hope to be able to buy better equipment so to create better videos and spend more time teaching and sharing with you. I cannot do this without your help.

...and here is a very sneaky peak of what is coming up in March...

Join in the fun, take the leap and learn how to engrave glass.
Take care ♥
remember to Practice Practice Practice
So says "Paints With Diamonds" ;-D 

Saturday, 15 February 2020

For all your glass engraving requirements, simple personalized glass, serious luxury gifts, presentations, awards, collectable art glass or just plain, I also teach glass engraving at all levels. You can pop in or make an appointment (especially if coming from far).
online teaching https: //
YouTube channel:

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Hi everyone, a couple of announcements:

**A reminder that my first Patreon Live Chat is tomorrow (27 January)  at 3pm GMT . Anyone who is not a Patron yet and would like to join in this chat / Q&A, it is easy and less than the cost of a piece of cake. $2. There are 3 other tiers to join all of which will include the live chat.

**Secondly I am delighted to say that my first "short demo video on a specific subject" will be on my Patreon Channel next weekend.
The subject this month is "SHADING"...the most common question I get. Here I describe and demonstrate very simply and clearly why and how we shade in glass engraving. This Subscription Tier is $6.

I hope you all are well, have a lovely weekend, Happy engraving and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Come and have a browse in my sparkly showroom of crystal an glass, plain and engraved, or make an appointment to discuss a commission...or just to find out more.
  • I offer Glass Engraving from the most simple to the most complex of subjects, decorative collectable art glass through to personalized commissions.
  • Hand engraved (with a drill) and sandblasted.
  • I also teach all levels of glass engraving.
Situated just off the A12 between Wrentham and Kessingland, Suffolk : Unit 11, Henstead Arts and Crafts Centre. NR34 7LG. Ph 01502 740400