Monday, 24 February 2020


 Hello everyone,
well my Patreon channel is growing steadily, which is so exciting and absolutely wonderful. It makes my video filming and editing way more important and I make my videos with much more meaning now....stand back Spielberg!
This is SERIOUS teaching of glass engraving to both beginners and any standard really. We all do things a little differently and after 36 years I have developed my own techniques and styles.

 My videos range in length and my longest ones are well over an hour. I explain everything I am doing as I go along, I film close up so you can see clearly what I am doing.

 The subscription Tiers on Patreon are great value for what you learn. The most expensive being $20 per month which includes 3 videos, a live chat (international YouTube) where you can send questions in advance and work to be discussed on air, also you can send me images of 2 of your engravings to be critiqued by me, privately of course. An excellent way to learn.
Once you have joined you can see loads of the previous months videos relative to your subscription Tier.
 It is very easy to join my channel and you can leave any time, as long as that month is paid for.
Patreon is a platform which helps the creators to help you. Life is expensive and with some funding I hope to be able to buy better equipment so to create better videos and spend more time teaching and sharing with you. I cannot do this without your help.

...and here is a very sneaky peak of what is coming up in March...

Join in the fun, take the leap and learn how to engrave glass.
Take care ♥
remember to Practice Practice Practice
So says "Paints With Diamonds" ;-D 

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