Sunday, 15 November 2020


Just opened my "Merch Store" .... please do let me know if there is any fav piece that you would like to see on a garment or accessory or piece of homeware. I have chosen a few of my favs to begin with, just wish I had better photos of some of the older pieces. 
A "Shelf" will soon be featured on all my YouTube videos and a Store tab on the channel.
Lesley Pyke Glass Engraver Merch Store

Lesley Pyke Glass Engraver Japanese Dragon, Tree of Life, African Elephant

*New Video*
 as promised AGES ago....some simple bamboo. It is a patch of a large bowl, but enough to get you going with your own bamboo! I have called it part 1 but weather I actually complete a full video as a Part 2 is debatable as it will be pretty much more and more and more and moooooore of the same but with a few neatening tweeks, so I may include bits of it with another subject video.
To view this and many other glass engraving tuition videos, pop along and join in the fun on my Patreon teaching channel where you can view my videos from as little as £5.50 per month !!!

I have been release some of my much older Patreon teaching videos to my YouTube channel, this is a taste of how I am teaching in my videos. Baring in mind I am evolving / improving my editing as I go along , I still have a lot to learn as I am using the latest Adobe Premire Pro editing software and basically trying to be a Steven Spielberg...LOL... yes ok I am far off that!!!!

Anyway, I hope this Covid-19 episode is soon to pass, we are in lockdown as I type, but I am actually working for Post and collect only, but at least still working.

Take care all