Tuesday, 29 December 2009

website down...and Real Madrid

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying this festive holiday season.
Just a quick note to say my website is down for the moment as I have run out of bandwidth...as you do....should be back again shortly, my apologies for any inconvenience.

In the mean time I am back in the office catching up on what I have to do and it will be very shortly that I will be fully booked for January as I have rather a lot lined up.

We had a quiet Christmas and will do the same for New Year. But we did have an AMAZING time watching Real Madrid thrash Zaragoza 6-0 at the Bernabeu on the 19th Dec! It was minus 10 degC (kick off 10pm meant we only got back to the hotel around 1.30am) Great experience. I will be back (My partner goes several times a year but this was my first )

Have a safe New Year celebration, especially those in the UK (and other) snowy/icy weather.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

La Liga !!! ...and Christmas glass engraving

Recent Christening gift, Hand engraved Tudor Crystal goblet.

It is just over a week to Christmas day. So much has happened and so much still to do. It has been the busiest time ever for me. My clients have "pushed the boat out" when it comes to challenges and once I had completed those, I had the clients who are there to bring me back down to normal heart rate gently with a couple of cats, a horse, some holly, snowflakes, poems, an angel, simple lettering, and a unicorn....

I had just completed a triptyque of 3 Atlantis crystal decanters which, as we speak, are now on their way to New York. First of all the commission was for the clients house spread across all three, then they decided to have their yacht instead. I have engraved many many yachts and boats of various descriptions, but this does not mean I know anything about them. Therefore a subject like this requires detailed photographs, these are are absolutely vital as there is no room for guesswork. Thankfully with the help of modern technology, all pictures I needed were supplied on request....and fast.

It worked very well in my opinion and after Christmas I will be able to show you. Prior to that order I had engraved a smaller yacht on a Dartington Crystal tankard with Southwold in the background and a lovely monogram opposite the handle.

At the other end of the scale, in size and emotion but not in meaning....I engraved the tiny little hand print of a baby who was not given the chance to grow up and be a "people" but to remain a little star in the sky. A heartbreaking commission that to the family is so so much bigger than an 11 million U$ yacht!

Well yes I did say "la liga" in the title :-) what all girls must do before they die.......watch a home game of Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid!! My partner is a great fan and goes to watch them a couple of times a year, this time he is taking me.....I have slowly been groomed over the last 8 years and it is time :-0 This Saturday they play Zaragoza, kick off is at 10pm (past my bedtime) and it will be -3 degC and raining according to the weather report!
We have seats on the very front row, great to see the players but where there is no cover....so will someone please tell me WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO WEAR?????????????????? apart from waterproof mascara and mittens!!! I really think in future I have to go for VIP status as this is just not on!!! ha ha ha ...anyway it will be a great pity that Ronaldo and Pepe are not playing! If you really want to know my favourite is Casillas! He is always there, just faithfully always there and an absolute star. Hala Madrid!!!

I hope to take lots of photos, I fancy a very hyperactive football themed glass in the making.

Well I will leave you with a memorial to dear Guinevere, a pet sheep of one of my clients.

...and in case I don't get another chance, I would like to wish everyone who reads my blog a very peaceful and loving Christmas, don't stress and don't eat too much!