Sunday, 7 December 2008

7th December 2008

Wow, what can I say, that was an awesome and surreal experience. I would like to thank Harrods for asking me and all the customers who bought perfumes to be engraved. It was non stop all day in fact. I had to escape to an office for a quiet bite to eat and a bottle of water for 10 minutes and then practically escape again to pack up at 5pm, and catch my trains... and what is up with London?? There are SO many people and what credit crunch??. I have very kindly been asked if I will do the same again next Saturday, this will be confirmed during the week.

Otherwise, today I await the arrival of my son Shane and his girlfriend Sian back from their farewell tour, and they will spend tonight with us before heading off to a destination nearer Heathrow to fly off to Africa, and then back home to New Zealand. I have clearly been distracted from feeling too sad, with being so busy in my work, it has been such a dream to be so close to Shane again . Now I have another exciting visit to look forward to, my youngest, Gavin, who will be coming around next April. Life is so precious and I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful things it gives me.

I know I have said this before , but I really wish that all moms who don't see their kids for one reason or another could experience what I have in the last few months.

Life is a journey...enjoy the ride

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