Monday, 22 December 2008

22 December 2008

Another excellent day was spent in the company of beautiful people and beautiful aromas of Harrods Cosmetics and Perfumes department on Saturday. Being the last weekend before Christmas it was packed and I did not stop engraving practically all day, working much longer than I intended and still turning customers away with one offering to pay double! It really is a lovely idea and I want to thank Harrods for coming up with it and asking me to make it happen over the last 3 weekends. I was so well looked after and much was done to encourage the staff of all the perfume houses to make the service known to the customers who may not have seen me.

Once again a great selection of perfumes, some very challenging bottles, but most challenging were 2 Russian gentleman who had to give me a micro lesson on Russian letters. The bottles were challenging as well, sadly I simply did not have time to take a photo. They were very successful and the gents were very happy.

I will be back again when it is a time for giving again....Valentine's Day seems to be the next in line. It would be good to get there more often but business is as usual during the week and pretty busy it is too. My last Harrods day involved 6 hours travelling and 8 hours is quite challenging but so worth it.

Till next time......

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