Wednesday, 14 January 2009

14 January 2009 - so busy / Harrods dates

Well a belated Happy New Year to everyone, I can't believe how time has flown (cliche and boring) I would say this is due to the fact that I have just not stopped and some of the work I am doing still now is from last year. I am probably busier than I was just before Christmas. It is fantastic of course. I am loving the variety of work and the some of it really challenging, especially timewise. I juggle and squeeze in urgent jobs with older jobs wherever I can and it all works out fine in the end. So don't worry of you feel you have to appologise that it is an urgent order....I would say at least 50% are! It is all just business.

I have several highly decorative hand engraved pieces to complete for overseas at the moment, Canada, Australia....and have had orders from every corner of the UK already this year...(ok slight exageration). I must say that I am totally impressed with Royal Mail and Parcel Force, who just never let me down. Rest assured, though, I pack my glass extreemly well and you could probably drop kick the parcel quite safely, though you might break your toes!

I will be heading back to Harrods for Valentines engraving sessions, possibly the 7th and 14th and then for Mothers' day in March.

So back to work, I am in at sun up today because I have an urgent sandblasting order of 15 glasses arriving just now, in fact should be NOW, for a turnaround back to London by later today.....never a dull moment here ;-) Even brought my breakfast to work!

Well don't forget to eat whole grain and fruit for breakfast, fat free yogurt for tea time, low fat lunch/ dinner including loads of vegetables and salad, ONE glass of red wine after work and loads of water all day long!


phill cotterill said...

Glad to hear you are still keeping busy Les. Just goes to show that quality can stand the test of time in these lean times. People will still spend money when they can see the real beauty in what they are buying.

keep up the good work but dont burn yourself out. No one wants that. And it will get warmer - honest.

Phill (west Midlands)

Lesley Pyke - Glass Engraver said...

What a lovely comment, thank you very much.