Saturday, 24 January 2009

24 Jan 09 - Engraved glass and just life

Hi all....I have never started a year like this before in my 25 years of professional engraving. Just so so busy! I want to thank all my customers, so so many all over the world, some who are becoming friends, even though we may never meet. I am always touched by the kind words and it makes my job such a pleasure to know something has arrived in time for a special occasion or presentation. Thanks go to those who have had to be patient too ;-) It is clearly advisable now to allow a few weeks for an order, depending on what it is of course, but there is never harm in asking and I can generally squeeze in small orders along the way.

Today I am feeling grateful for life, I am blessed with so much. I know that we can't always have some things we desperately want though, and I guess I am trying to tell you that today I heard that my youngest son cannot make it to visit me in April as his tour of duty in Afghanistan has been extended. So next Christmas is the next possibility. I continue to look forward to the day I can see him again, mom's can be such sops, hey, but the main thing is we are able to let each other know how much we care and that is a wonderful thing. The last time I saw Gavin was January 2005, my boys live in New Zealand. My eldest, Shane, is still on his travels in South Africa with his fiance, having spent several wonderful months here with us, and will be heading back to his home in New Zealand next month. I miss my boys beyond words, sometimes it is hard to remember to be a tough business woman, but it is my work that keeps me going along with the love of my partner and my Faith that I am continually being protected.

Keep busy and keep looking forward with nothing but optimism

On a completely different note..........although still an optimistic one

If anyone feels inclined, please could you vote for me for this award, here are some details and a link:

New for 2009 - The craft&design Selected Awards

craft&design Selected Awards 2009

In recognition of the superb work of talented designer makers in Britain and Ireland, we are proud to announce our exciting new suite of Awards for 2009. This prestigious project is for everyone who enjoys crafts; makers are invited to enter and everyone is invited to vote!

Our craft&design Selected Awards are based around designer makers whose work has been accepted to be featured on our craft&design Selected website, our online gallery at

You can read the full details here:

Link to my page on the site

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