Monday, 23 March 2009

Engraved glass.. perfumes at Harrods

Mothers Day weekend at Harrods was a mixture, Saturday was fairly quiet, but then Sunday was manic and I had to turn people away so that I could pack up to catch my train/train/bus/train/walk/hitch/fly/....(engineering works meant that my 2 hour trips became 4 hour trecks to and from London!) Anyway, all was well.
Some people wonder why I am doing this, well as I have mentioned a few posts ago, it is something different, something out of the ordinary for me, a little adventure, and although seemingly simple compared to what I am engraving normally, it is actually very difficult, quick thinking, speed artwork and engraving on all sorts of strange bottles, under watching eyes and pressure, juggled with chatting to customers and trying to look glam all at once. Not something I will always be able to do.

This week I have some hospital awards with challenging artwork/ military presentations with crests/ retirement presentation with large elephant / Football Association awards...oh and I will be composing a letter to my MP , House of Commons, challenging the rediculous turn of events over a week ago. How a small business is punished for daring to try and expand into an extra office and has to pay for that whole year as a "big business" in non domestic rates.

" If it happens, it must be possible; make things possible." author unknown

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