Thursday, 16 July 2009

Mighty serious video to watch!!...a change from glass engraving

Engraving inside and out of the vessel

I have just watched this video and have to share it with as many as I can. I totally believe in pure health, eat what has recently been living / growing/ breathing, prepare it yourself. Get yourself a nice fresh juice and a small bowl of nuts and raw carrots and sit back and watch.

I could add to the video the importance of MOVEMENT (exercise) and happy positive thoughts. Avoid people who are negative and miserable. I personally have a completely adverse reaction to sarcasm and teasing, it is a form of bullying. People who love to make others feel stupid in order to feel clever. Avoid them! Breathe properly and deeply, fresh air. Drink lots of water.

Now back to work, loads of engraving in my workshop so I had better jump to it ;-). I am also putting together a new page for my website showing loads of examples of what I have engraved on the Dartington Crystal range. Another little note to mention is that I am presently waiting for the result of a very large quote I was asked to submit. I will not explain now, the results will be announced mid September, what a wait! However things will be a little different around here if I get it, and if not then it has been a great honour to have been considered. The work technique itself is very basic, but it is just very big and very many ;-) sorry but you will have to wait now !

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