Wednesday, 20 January 2010

engraved Fish panel and mega yacht

Yesterday I completed the hand engraving of a 1.5m glass panel which shows 2 barbel and one mirror carp swimming along in their watery home.
The main attention is on the fish with the background just hinting of the situation without being too busy. I think this has worked well. The important thing to remember when installing a glass panel is lighting. It may need a dedicated light somewhere where it will not reflect directly into the glass but show off the engraving to its best especially at night. It does depend on its position, internal or external window, as to how much or if extra lighting is required.

In December one of my commissions was from USA, for a decanter triptyque, this was a fascinating commission where one picture stretched acurately accross 3 Atlantis Crystal decanters. For this subject, high quality pictures are required and often close up detailed pictures too. It is still very cold here and I miss my golf!

I have been spending a great deal of time over the last few months, any spare moment I have during weekends etc, trying to learn a new and modern website building program (I won't tell you how old mine is, certainly more than 8 years), I am completely self taught in the computer field and this has been very frustrating as time is fleeting and my website is in dire need of a facelift and modernisation.

So today I made another big decision, I have commissioned a new brand and new website designed and built by professionals!

Sometimes we expect far too much from ourselves, trying to save time and money but in effect we are wasting both.

Initial cost will soon be gone and forgotten and the benefits will be there instead.


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