Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Engraving (personalising) perfumes at Harrods

Just to let you know I will be back engraving perfumes (bought that day in-store) at Harrods, London, on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th February. With Valentine's day the following weekend this would be useful for anyone considering giving fragrance to their partner, man or woman. It was very popular last year!
Of course perfume is a lovely gift for ANY occasion, so do make use of this oportunity if you can, I only do this about 4 times a year.
Prices will be

£10 = for up to 15 letters
£15 for up to 20 letters,

if you require more you can add a combination of those amounts.

Otherwise the year is back to it's normal busy self, football awards, birthdays, anniversaries, all the usual. I also have a few exhibitions to work for this year and am letting my creative juices flow for those.

Keep warm and healthy! Floss and use those pokey things between your teeth too!! :-)

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