Thursday, 22 July 2010

Busy engraving bee!!

I find that golf and business go hand in hand so I decided to advertise on the new Tee box signs we have put up at Halesworth Golf Club , where I am a member and also the practice range there. I do not do a lot of advertising these days, but this one is different for me and rather fun.

Well I have not had a day off for some time now, have had 2 large and tricky orders do deal with all at once with some small ones thrown inbetween to keep me on my toes. A close call, but all is done and I am back on track. Here I am hand engraving a Rock Tablet.
This is a Dartington candle holder I recently engraved. A child held by one ladies hand (left) and a man's hand (right).

My dear customer sent this gorgeous thank you card. The tears flowed! I love my job!

LOVE IT LIVE IT.....keep positive always x

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