Friday, 9 July 2010

Hot sunshine, exciting times and glass engraving exhibition

The Guild of Glass Engravers exhibition is still ongoing, I am sure that there have been many visitors as this is such an exciting varied display and sale of engraved glass...not to mention the absolutely stunning venue. Just the best!! (The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge)
I have one piece in the exhibition "E-MOTION"

Cumbria Crystal colour overlay bowl (thick clear crystal inside), 17 x 9cm - Drill engraved and sandblasted both inner and outer surfaces, it changes dramatically with different display situations.

£593 (purchase through the Guild of Glass Engravers website link below)

To the weather......Loving it loving it! It feels like home, sigh, normal human type temperatures, oh how I love this weather, long may it last.

Finally the grass pollen has calmed down, having affected me after the flu, it was just horrible, really. Nothing like sitting outside when it is dark with a massive pair of sunglasses on, all taped up around the edges...I must look a sight! Anyway it has passed now so I can enjoy the rest of summer.

Exciting news is that I am now booking flights to New Zealand to see my sons, oh I can't wait!!! I last saw my eldest 18 months ago now and by the end of the year I will not have seen my youngest for 6 years! Circumstances can be utterly miserable when out of one's control , but that is life and I always make the best of what I do have. Now it is time and I will be there for Christmas, oh what a Christmas it will be!!! ...I will also be meeting my new grandchild due in November!! yipppeee!!! I have never been on a trip that long, never seen where my boys have lived for the last 9 years.

.....But you see I have another order for a little crystal star on which I will be engraving a tiny hand and foot print of a little baby who did not get to live, once born, he was "born sleeping" . I am sure, though, that he had a lovely life in his mom's tummy, listening to her voice, and his dad's, and feeling their love.

I am grateful for the time I spend with my sons, every single second.

So now, work is the key, more than ever! I am busy busy and have such a wonderful variety of orders, my clients always keep me on my toes, I love it. More details soon. Recently I have been engraving golf prizes and the like, a nice change from very difficult work which is coming up next.

Thank you to everyone who sends me such lovely letters and emails, I know I send you off to join my Facebook page (only because of that thing...time) , but I want you to know I am very flattered and I wish you all the very best.

21st Century Engraved Glass
An exhibition by members of the Guild of Glass Engravers

Octagon Gallery
The Fitzwilliam Museum
Cambridge CB2 1RB
15 June to 15 August 2010

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