Thursday, 16 September 2010

Glass engraving and cambridge glass fair!

Well I have just been playing golf (I don't normally on a Thursday for obvious reasons, but it was our Lady Captian's 50th birthday golf bash and what a lovely day we had! Happy Birthday Cathy !!

Just a reminder that it is the Cambridge Glass Fair 26th Sept and I will be in my usual place C5 - Contemporary hall.
(aah I see it is now hailing outside, big thunderstorm so I had better make this quick )

Here is a nice action photie for you:
This piece is entitled "Serenity" and features bamboos on a large green cased bowl which I am hoping to complete for Cambridge Glass Fair.

I had better get this computer turned off....
chat soon. ♥
stay positive always

"Today is my lesson in self-worth. I see my worthiness in everything I do." - Louise L. Hay

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