Saturday, 24 September 2011

Available at my stand at Cambridge Glass Fair tomorrow, I purchased them in France and have hand engraved them, the bottom two are engraved front and back.
(quick google translation of the note that came with them.....I cannot personally vouch for any of it but they are pretty!)
Rock Crystal
Composition: Silicon Dioxide
Color: from transparent to whiteHardness: 6-7
Location: Madagascar, Europe, Brazil
Therapeutic properties: Pierre of light, it helps a
find balance of body, and I'etre
makes perceptive and intuitive person who wears .Il
prevents weight gain is a bridge between the material
and the spiritual, it helps a self-knowledge.
Associated signs: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus,
Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Website: http://www. vertusdespierres. com
Cristal de Roche

Composition: Dioxide de Silicium
Couleur: De transparent a blanc Durete: 6-7
Localisation: Madagascar,Europe,Bresil
Vertus therapeutiques: Pierre de la lumiere ,il aide a
retrouver l'equilibre du corps ,de I'etre et de
rend clairvoyant et intuitif la personne qui le porte.Il
empeche le gain de poids,c'est un pont entre le materiel
et le spirituel,il aide a la connaissance de soi.
Signes associes: Verseau,Capricorne,Poissons,Taureau,

 Site internet: http://www. vertusdespierres. com