Thursday, 28 June 2012

A new piece of crystal art is born

I have just completed another Ice cave "Ice II".   ("Ice I" was sold at the February Cambridge Glass fair). It is a lead crystal cullet 10 x 9 x 8cm which I have drill engraved and sandblasted to create a small icy world.
It has so many faces and moods depending on the light. Small but mighty interesting.
Stare into it and be lost in the stillness and dappled light.
I intend to engrave another in this series later this year.
This piece willbe available first  at "The Store" Dial Glass Works, Stewkins, Stourbridge this September during the International Glass Festival.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful piece of cullet glass, I have tried in vain to find any without much luck. I would love to find some to be cut and polished on one side for engraving, where on earth do you even start looking for these other than stalking a glasshouse and talking to "inside Men" who know when they're going to be cleaning their "glory holes" and furnaces... Even harder here in the States I would imagine than in the UK, at least you still have some fine crystal making glasshouses left. But, beyond that, you do such amazing work, definitely the most prolific Engraver, I can see why you're heralded as one of the best. SO creative, and beauty to match, what a joy it must be to not just watch you work, but just to enjoy your company in general...Cheers!!

Lesley Pyke - Glass Engraver said...

Thank you for your kind words, Kurt. I have several crystal cullets so if you are interested send me an email (see website )