Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Glass engraving lessons for beginners, learn to make your own gifts.

This is call for those interested in learning how to engrave glass "from scratch" .

Glass is a wonderful medium and the craft is very theraputic!
Many of my students in the images below (taken at the Darsham craft days) had never scratched a glass in their life before!

In these days of high costs of living, this craft opens a whole new meaning to the word "gift" it will no longer be a 4 letter word, but one that excites and inspires you.

I am building a list of names of interested people, aged 15 - 100 (or over if you can) !

I will advise details of where, when and costs etc at a later stage.

Glass engraving is the art of scratching the surface of the glass so that it captures the light.  Therefore if you do it in an orderly fashion, you can create a beautiful and fascinating image.

I have taught glass engraving for many years, mainly one to one specialised lessons. I also taught for several years at the Darsham craft days, which I enjoyed beyond words!

Click on image for a larger picture.

The location will be in Suffolk, UK, near Halesworth IP19.

All I need is an email from you to say you are interested and when would your most convenient time be:

State in the subject line "GLASS ENGRAVING LESSONS"

You will be under no obligation whatsoever, to attend. I will simply add you to a mailing list of those interested.

Should this be worthwhile, I may in future extend lessons to more advanced engraving using drills. Following that can come variety workshop days and exhibitions!

The beginner classes will be using a simple hand held diamond tool which will be included in the costs along with the glassware.

Let's get scratching!!!!!!!!!

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