Tuesday, 23 August 2016

 Very quick post to say that I am just emerging from an extremely busy 18 months and have made a "elevator pitch" as this seems to be obligatory nowadays. I bought a new little video camera mainly because it takes a SD card as opposed to those little TDK tapes which I would then have to upload onto my ancient laptop because it is the only gadget with a firewire....and so on and so on and so on....well anyway my first try with this new video camera (not very expensive but the only one I could find with a remote control) was a pain in the *** because it would not upload the sound onto the desktop. With a bit of research I found this camera is known for this flaw and it can be overcome by downloading Quickview...which I didn't have...and I was able to pick the sound up. What I could  get in the way of sound was pretty awful and I had to tweak it massively with Adobe Premiere Elements 14 so that you can hear it. I had bought a little microphone to plug into the camera but alas I discovered too late that it has no hole for the jack plug.....LOL.... ..anyhow, eventually I managed to create something and here it is. Now I know what I have to do I can make a couple more "how to" videos. I will catch up on the years' news on my blog too. Gosh it has been an age!...and BTW I am with a special new man.
I hope this finds you all well, relaxed and happy XX

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Unknown said...

A wonderful video, I feel your pain in terms of dealing with technologies your not used to, or aged technologies, since it seems any technology you buy now-a-days is obsolete the moment you walk out of the shop.

I to am an aspiring Glass Engraver, the bookcase in my office is filled to overflowing with vintage Strombergshyytan and Orrefors pieces, with a few Krosno polish crystal pieces thrown in. Collecting these pieces to engrave has been an expensive proposition, as well as acquiring all the diamond drill equipment you speak of.

I would love to further correspond if you have time, I would happily schedule some one-to-one learning from you, but I'm unfortunately not in the UK (Although I loved the few months I spent there while in the US Air Force, and I adore the Country and people and would love to go back some day)

If you are able to supply other engravers, and are willing to ship pieces to the USA, I'd love to know what pieces you might have available and the costs involved. I believe you had some beautiful decanters on your shelves, that's one of the things I'm short on, I have enough vases for years of engraving, but no nice presentation type pieces nor decanters. However, while not lead crystal, I have found some dealers in the US for optical glass presentation type pieces, although I have yet to know how they'll engrave.

You seem to be a wonderful, engaging person, I wish you the best, and happy engraving (I'm hoping to create a kickstarter project to obtain a Merker Glass Engraving Lathe and create an actual vocational course on how to use it, including basic drawing, layout and the principles and techniques for visualizing designs in high, middle and low Intaglio relief) So, I hope I'm successful in obtaining funding for that.