Wednesday, 16 July 2008

16 July 2008

This is the first time I am writing directly into my blog as opposed to adding to the NEWS page of my website.

SO much has been happening and there are not enough hours in the day.

I still have not caught up all the emails from fellow engravers and wellwishers out there, apologies! I really enjoy receiving them and I long to catch up with everyone, I still do intend updating my techniques page on my website, I have had a lot of requests for more.

I have had a fantastic amount of orders this month, all so different and some great challenges, I am absolutely loving it!!

My son and his girlfriend are such a part of our life now, it is wonderful! I just love being a Mom again. Yesterday Shane got me to down tools and play 9 holes with him! I have not been playing enough golf lately with so much work. It was gorgeous out there, and good weather has been very rare in UK this summer.

Brian has put my new front door into the new office, just needs to "render" / "make good" or whatever those builders terms are, such a precious soul he is. That will be this weekend, and then he will fit the carpet. Shane and Sian have been doing the painting, stirling job! They have never done that before and it looks fantastic! Don't be alarmed by the colours, wait till it is finished! ;-)
More news soon.

Stay fit and strong. Focus only on the positive. s t r e t c h.

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