Monday, 16 February 2009

16 Feb 09 Cambridge Glass Fair on 22nd Feb

Firstly I must remind everyone that once again I will be at Cambridge Glass Fair this Sunday 22nd and will also be demonstrating as well as displaying and selling my work. I am always in a position to take orders too. Payment is easy as I have my mobile card payment machine with me. My main theme will be Africa. I will have with me some of my other pieces but if they are not on display just ask me if you would like to see them.
Do remember if I am engraving just talk to me, don't worry about interrupting me and ask me any questions too.

So now the Valentine's event at Harrods went off very well with 2 very busy Saturdays! Thank you to all the fantastic customers. You can see above a small selection of the perfumes I engraved. Such fun as usual! Next will probably be Mothers day....then Fathers day.

I am thinking this week of all those, including a very dear friend of mine, who have been made redundant. These are very difficult times for many. Stay positive always!!!!

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