Wednesday, 15 April 2009 and Harrods

Today I got fed up and dashed into town for a radical new haircut, then dashed back to try and catch up with work. Slowly getting there.
Harrods was hard work but great fun! I engraved masses of lipsticks, one day I did 70!
Anyway not sure when I will next be in Harrods as I have so much to get on with here in little old Halesworth ;-)

I hope all of you had a lovely Easter, I did eat the Snickers bar in my hotel room fridge! That was as close to Easter chocolate I got and in my books was very bad indeed!

Remember to keep every muscle of that body in tip top shape, definitely do NOT smoke and exercise every muscle till it aches (especially if you have recently eaten a Snickers) drink lots of water, think happy and positive thoughts, never let anyone put you down or limit you in any way, stay away from nasty individuals and thank God for all your blessings every day.

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