Friday, 14 August 2009

Golf Club Championships, Cambridge and abstract glass engraving

Hi all...yesterday (Sunday13) was our ladies golf club champs, 36 holes in one day, weather was gorgeous, had a great playing partner and we both played out of our boots!! At least I can say I brought in the winner ;-) she got me by one shot to take the title leaving me a very happy runner up, quite satisfied with having played the 2 rounds under my handicap. I feel privileged as a human being to be able to play my golf, a wonderful healthy sport! I did eat pasta every day for a week prior to the day (for energy) and upped my gym and aerobics exercises as my flu had really taken it out of me! So all's well that ends well....and it is back to the workshop!
I must remind you that it is once again the Cambridge Glass Fair on Sunday 27th September at Chilford Hall Linton, Cambridge. I have been in the mood for some crazy abstract, good to let one's hair down from time to time. I am extreemly busy at the moment so not sure how much I will manage to complete. Above is a wee taste on a Tudor Crystal Air twist goblet called "Reach" £290.00.

Oh did I mention that I had sold my Portland Vase Study, I was over the moon that it went to a very good home although I did feel sad to say goodbye, it will always be a very important piece to me!
Gotta go.....catch up soon....

positive positive positive

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Anonymous said...

Lesley, I've been watching you engrave for some month's and I'm doing fine ,but I just cant get any shading or darkening grey & black rubber, and I still cant.what am I doing wrong? can you please help me ?if you can ,I would be more happy than I could tell, thank you so much. ( I do respect you a lot