Tuesday, 25 August 2009

million giraffes and engraved glass

Well it has become a habit when I get to work in the morning, it is a fun and cheerful start to the day....just to have a look at a few of the new giraffes, thanks to Ola and his awesome website/blog! When you think that every possible version of a giraffe has been done...there are many more, you must take a look and you must make/draw you own, or get your kid or granny to. It is such fun!!! Naturally my Gerry would have been quite upset if I hadn't sent him in and now he is there playing with all the other giraffes! I had to send one with the working process shown as intially they were not sure it was made by me....you are not allowed to buy or use a computer. The rules are simple. So please help this guy get to his million pictures in the time that is set. It costs nothing and is just good clean fun!

As per usual I have been inundated with work.....I took this photo to show you that I don't have any fancy cleaner machines for post sandblasting cleaning off, it is very basic old bucket of hot water and I do it all myself along with everything else concerned with running an engraving business, hence I have not been able to answer many of the emails I get from all over the world about engraving techniques. I know I keep going on about this, but I have simply not got the time at the moment. I also have a fair amount of quotes to get through and I apologise to those who are waiting patiently, I will get to you ASAP.
(4 waiting to be despatched and 4 just arrived...showroom accommodating overflow)

I have to take a careful look now at what I take on in the next couple of weeks as with what I already have on the books alongside the Cambridge Glass Fair on 27 Sept which I have to do some serious engraving for....I also have the possibility of the "big job" quote being accepted. This is supposed to be around mid September, it is a waiting game now.

I know I talk about golf a lot, it is essential for me to do this otherwise I would get stale in my workshop. I have another great day on Thursday when we will have our ladies Invitation day, I am looking forward to that, I have been working weekends , so it is not like I am skiving ;-) when you have your own business there is no such thing as set working hours!

I am glad I have caught up with you a bit....must get on with it now.

“The purpose to life is a life of purpose” Robert Bryne

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