Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Where is summer??...anyway it is wedding season

I can never believe how quickly a month goes by! I will be 50 next year and I thought that was aeons away!!! It seems it is racing towards me at full speed, I think I will blink and be telling you I am almost 60....in fact I blinked and it is already almost 10 years since I came to my roots here in UK from Zimbabwe!!

Well business is pretty steady I am happy to say, always a good variety of things to do. Here are a couple of photies as usual. Naturally I have been on the golf course, this photo was taken at this years Air Ambulance charity day, a fantastic day it was and a very large sum of money was raised. I took several photos on my little camera, of the prize table, then proceeded to delete them all thinking I had downloaded them......not like me.A dear little partridge for a shooting presentation.

It has been wedding season of course and I have had a number of weddings and anniversaries to engrave for. I love this swirly theme, it is very tricky to do but worth the effort, I absolutely love working the whole glass together!

I have had a huge pile of papers, magazines etc etc getting very dusty on shelves, waiting for me to make some kind of record. I have never really done this and always kick myself when I see other artists and engravers listing their editorials, it is a great thing and I need to share them with you. For the moment I have made up 2 collages.

The oldest one I have with me is from Zimbabwe, It is Air Zimbabwe's SKYHOST in flight magazine, 1996, if I remember correctly it was when Air Zimbabwe had only just started flying overseas. They had also asked me to paint 2 oil paintings of Victoria Falls, a sunset scene and a moonlight one to be used for the 2 main menus. Sadly I don't have copies of those.

Busy engraving the mirrors for the "Aviators Arms" in the Sheraton Hotel, Harare.

Lastly I have once again been asked to engraved a scene of popular Southwold, our lovely seaside town. This is a Christening present.
Well I wonder what Google+ is all about. I do try and keep up with it all, lets see what happens there. Quite exciting really.

Sending everyone a big hug, we all need hugs! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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